• How To Install Green Sukabumi Stone Tile in Swimming Pool

    Green sukabumi stone (also known as bali green stone) is famous green natural stone for swimming pool tiles. Many customer asking Stone Depot how to installed this green sukabumi stone in swimming pool. In this articles let me share to you how to installed this swimming pool tiles.

    What you will need to Install Green Sukabumi Stone:
    1. Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles in any size: 100x100x10, 100x200x10, 200x200x10
    2. Mortar: Normally we use Mapei Granirapid Grey
    3. Masking Gloves
    4. Diamond blade circular saw
    5. Ear muffs
    6. Googles
    7. Dust Mask
    8. Thinset and grout and grout sponge
    9. Floor leveling compound
    10. Trowel


    Tiles Adhesive Mapei Granirapid Grey Part A (Left) and Part B (right)

    Step 1  – Site Preparation

    Make sure the substrates that Green Sukabumi Stone would be applied is flat, clean (free from chemical like paint, oil, wax, etc). Also substrates must be mechanically strong. We assumed you have no more problem on the pool construction such as no water leaking and floor leveling is already fixed.

    Prepare the elevation with the strings so that you can installed the green sukabumi stone in a good straight line.

    Step 2: Matterial Preparation

    Prepare the mix of the stone adhesive (Granirapid). Granirapid has a two component adhesive of a special hydraulic and silica sand (Part A) and a synthetic rubber latex (Part B).

    Pour the 25 Kg of Part A into the 5,5 Kgs latex of Part B and mix using a mechanical stirrer until a smooth mixed is obtained.  If pot life at +20 celcius the mix time about 45 minutes.

    Step 3: Installing the Green Sukabumi Stone tiles

    Spread a thin coat of the mix adhesive onto the substrate using the straight edge trowel followed immediately with the correct thickness. The principle of the right trowel is that gives a coverage at least 65-70% of the back side of the green sukabumi stone tiles. If you use mapei trowel no 4 or 5 the consumption of the adhesive is around 2.5 – 3 Kg/m2).

    After you spread the mix mapei adhesive the open time in normal temperature and humidity conditions is about 20 minutes. Meanwhile in certain climatic conditions such as strong wind, sun, high temperature can be reduce the open time just a few minutes. To maximized the open time in unfavourable climatic condition you can use tend to coverage your working space.

    how to installed green sukabumi stone by stone depot

    Use tend to coverage your working space to avoid direct strong sun

    After spread the adhesive you can stick the green sukabumi stone tiles follow the strings line that you made before to ensure that you installed the stone tiles neatly and straight. Green sukabumi stone tiles laid with the adhesive must not be washed or exposed to rain for at least 3-4 hours and must be protected from strong sunlight for at least 12 hour after installation.

    The swimming pool with green sukabumi stone tiles can be filled with the water after 4 days upon the installation finished .

    If you have any inquiry or question regarding our green sukabumi stone product please contact our office by email: info@dw-corporation.com or call +62 231 8802888 (Hunting). Or you can contact by whatsap to Winsen Setiawan +628174122259.


3 Responsesso far.

  1. Tom says:

    Dear Winsen,

    we have installed Sukabumi in 30 swimming pools in the Anantara resort which is 2000m above sea level on the mountain. we are now experiencing a white effervescing on the tiles in and out the water. please could you recommend how to clean and keep it clean.
    many thanks Tom

  2. Samudra says:

    Dear pak Winsen,

    Benar sekali dengan Granirapid pemasangan batu alam akan menghasilkan hasil yang kuat dan baik juga dikemudian hari tidak akan terjadi pengapuran sehingga tidak muncul noda2 putih pada batu alam.

    Selain Granirapid, apabila dibutuhkan yang memiliki waktu setting agak panjang mempermudah pengaturan, dapat menggunakan Kerabond T atau Keraflex Maxi S1 .

    Apabila bapak kesulitan mendapatkan produk2 Mapei di area bapak, dapat menghubungi saya di 08111833923.


  3. sean maynard says:

    Will this stone swell. We have an installation in a pool where the floor stones have popped. No expansion joints. Trying to determine if do to swelling or faulty installation.