Cleaning & Maintenance


Sandstone and Limestone Floor Surfaces

If the sandstone or limestone get stain like a foot print ar dust or mud you can just use soap mixed with the warm water and spill it into the stone surfaces and clean it with the smooth brush. This mostly happen in stone surfaces without covered by the sealer. Some client dont like sealer because it makes stone looks no more natural. Actually if you still want the stone surfaces looks natural you can just use the stone sealer with the natural look type.

There are two type of the natural stone sealer:

  1. Wet look : The stone surface will looks like you put the water on the surfaces
  2. Natural Look : nothing change with this type of sealer the different only when you put the water it cant be absord by the stone

How to Ovecome Yellow Stain on Green Sukabumi Stone

Green sukabumi stone sometimes get yellow stone after a while especially when you not installed under the water. This an oxidized reaction after get oxigen from the air. So how to handle this things?.  Use a ceramic cleaner mixed with the water with 25:50, means 25% ceramic cleaner and 75% water. Then use the soft nylon brush, the yellow stain will gone in 2 minutes.

If the stone get dirty because of the mud. Let the mud stain dry completely. Remove dried mud with a soft plastic or nylon brush. Spray affected area with a neutral stone cleaner. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. If the stain remains, contact a professional cleaner.

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