• 3 Reasons Why Bali Riverstone Basin Is Lovable

    One of the natural stones that are often used as part of interior decoration is the Bali Riverstone basin. This is an unusual thing because ceramic sinks are more popular and have been in use for a long time. This is where the interesting side that makes natural elements a thing that makes a difference to a building.

    Extraordinary Basin with Traditional Look

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    Our Bali Riverstone Basin product

    Bali natural stone sink is an ornament that you must have in the bathroom. This is a natural stone that has been shaped to resemble a washbasin. So far, many people think that the sink cannot be a focal point in a room. But when using Bali natural stone sinks, people will think again about the definition of a washbasin.

    Something that is initially trivial can become an object that steals the attention in a room. This is proof that small changes will have a huge impact if executed properly. If you want to have something unusual in your bathroom, then you can replace the ceramic sink with a Balinese stone sink that will change the look of the bathroom.

    Gives An Aesthetic Value to Your Room

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    Stone basins at Alam Manis Resort

    Using a Balinese natural stone sink will change our perspective on the sink, which was originally just a complementary item to something that can provide aesthetic value. For that, we recommend Bali Riverstone sinks that will make the bathroom look special.

    This furniture is also suitable for several bathroom concepts, such as a minimalist bathroom design or even a tropical outdoor bathroom concept. Bali Riverstone basin is also available in several sizes so that it can be adjusted to the dimensions of the bathroom. If you need a large size, you just need to choose a Riverstone basin of the right size.

    Bali Riverstone Basin with High-Artistic Touch

    There are two types of Riverstone sink that you can choose and adapt to the bathroom concept. You can choose a sleek or rustic type, which will add artistic value to your bathroom. The sleek type has a more modern and minimalist appearance, suitable for use in building projects that adopt the latest concepts. The size that is not too big will also give a simple and eye-catching impression.

    While the second option is the rustic type which has additional details in the form of carvings on the outside of the basin. In terms of quality, both have a very good level of strength because they are made of river stones found around volcanoes.

    Now, you have the right choice to create an extraordinary bathroom appearance. Replacing a ceramic basin with a Bali Riverstone sink would make a huge difference. Find the product in our store with a wide range of types and sizes.

    For further information regarding your order, you can send inquiries by email at or click the following WhatsApp link (Putri).

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