• 5 Best Designs of Sukabumi Pool Tiles You Can Try

    Green Sukabumi Stone or Bali Stone is ideal for swimming pool tiles. We can find Sukabumi pool tiles in hotels around the world including Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. For swimming pool, Green Sukabumi Stone offers many benefits. So, it is important and interesting to know the following 5 best designs of Sukabumi pool tiles. As we know, Green Sukabumi Stone is beautiful & elegant. In Bali, this stone is very popular for swimming pool tiles. So, visitors will feel the nature of Bali. You can only find Green Sukabumi in Stone Depot and it is available in different types and finishes.

    Green Sukabumi Stone fot Swimming Pool Tiles
    Green Sukabumi Stone fot Swimming Pool Tiles

    5 Best Designs of Sukabumi Pool Tiles for You

    There are 3 types of Green Sukabumi Stone that used for Swimming Pool, one of the 5 best designs of Sukabumi pool tiles are

    1. Crystal Green Sukabumi tiles for kid’s pool.

    Kids need a safe and entertaining pool but it shouldn’t be big & deep. Its natural green color paired with its anti-slip features make the tiles perfect for kid’s pool. In addition, it will be more exciting to add a small pool playground so that kids can do slide & slip under the fountain. Besides that, waterpark swimming pool with plain green Sukabumi tiles also belong to the best design you can try. This will create calmness sensation with a modern and elegant pool.

    2. Sawn Cut Green Sukabumi Stone

    Then, it will also be a good idea to create a swimming pool deck with sawn cut green Sukabumi stone tiles. As we know, pool decks belong to the swimming pool part that needs line used as the marker for swimmers. That’s why Sukabumi tiles with this finish is the best choice. So, it belongs to 5 best designs of Sukabumi pool tiles. If you want to make your swimming pool look more luxurious, you are allowed to combine the sawn-cut green Sukabumi stone tiles with other natural stones from Indonesia as the material of the swimming pool.

    3.Honed Green Sukabumi Stone

    Next, you can build a modern swimming pool with honed green Sukabumi stone tiles. Its smooth surface makes everyone comfortable walking on it. This will look so amazing. In addition, it will bring a fresh & relaxed sensation. Its color reflects the tranquility condition that is excellent with the swimming pool that has a tropical design. Now, if you can apply this idea, you have the perfect spot to relax under the sun in the summer. If the swimming pool has a view of the ocean in front of it, it will be much better. Anyway, this idea is one of the 5 best designs of Sukabumi pool tiles.

    Another best idea is an elegant swimming pool with rough-face green Sukabumi tiles. This will create a Wow factor in your modern swimming pool. It will even be much more stunning if you combine it with other Indonesia natural stones. This design can also be applied to a simple yet luxurious pool to relax. This design doesn’t need a lot of space. So, you can build it at your small backyard, for example. That’s all 5 best designs of Sukabumi pool tiles. These designs will improve the cozy atmosphere of your swimming pool. Therefore, just follow the design idea you love most!

    If you want to know more about Sukabumi stone fot pool tiles, you can send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or reach us at: (Putri), (Email). We will answer your questions and provide you with all the information if you want to increase the value of your property by using Marble Indonesia

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