• A Classic Carport with Rustic Black Slate Pavers

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    Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri is one of the preferred resorts for tourists who want to try new experiences while traveling. This resort offers an unforgettable experience by presenting a stunning design, satisfying room service, and also completes facilities that will meet all the needs of visitors. It will absolutely be the best place to stay while roaming in Kediri, East Java.

    Interestingly, we can also learn a little bit about design by looking at several areas of the resort. After learning a lot about wall cladding, now we turn our eyes to classic carport using Java Black Slate stone.

    The Artistic Carport with Rustic Black Slate Pavers at Bukit Daun’s Outdoor

    rustic-black-slate-pavers-bukit-daun-hotel-resort-kediri (1)
    The original rustic black slate pavers increase the artistic value at Bukit Daun’s outdoor

    Usually, the carport is a part of the house that does not have a special design. People think that this is just a place to park a car. They also only focus on the security side without paying attention to other details such as aesthetics and comfort.

    Even though the carport can be a beautiful place, it can even be exhibited to visitors, like what Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri did. This resort has an unusual carport style with a blend of classic and modern nuances. Especially with the Java Black Slate being the main ingredient, the area looks eccentric even though it is only used for parking visitors’ vehicles.

    This is another perspective that opens our eyes that a good design must be applied to the entire room, including the carport. You can use Java Black Slate natural stone which is suitable to be applied to walls as cladding as well. Although it is not used in all areas, the Java Black Slate will give a different accent when used for pavers on a carport. So if you are planning to do property renovation, the carport is an area that should be on the top of the list in order to have a better appearance.

    A Whole New Look with Rustic Black Slate Pavers

    rustic-black-slate-pavers-bukit-daun-hotel-resort-kediri (2)
    A classic look of carport with rustic black slate pavers at Bukit Daun, Kediri

    Java Black Slate is one of the natural stones originating from Indonesia. The raw material can be lava stone or raw slate which is then cut into random patterns. This natural stone is available in erratic sizes with a natural finish so that it still provides a strong natural accent.

    Rustic java black slate is very suitable for a carport because besides having aesthetic value, it also has good strength because it can withstand pressure. The cutting process using modern technology also ensures that each plate is not easily broken. The original color of the slate stone is also preserved and will not fade even if exposed to various things. In fact, this natural stone will have a more solid color after several years of use.

    In terms of quality, both strength, and aesthetic value, Java Black Slate is one of the best materials for carports. Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri tried and succeed as they have an amazing, classic look of carport around the vicinity. And this natural stone will change the whole look of your carports too.

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    A Classic Carport with Rustic Black Slate Pavers

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