• A Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Green Sukabumi Stone in Portugal

    If you’re contemplating the idea of enhancing your outdoor space or creating a stunning pool in Portugal, the secret to achieving that fresh and luxurious look might just lie in the perfect choice of natural stone. Green Sukabumi Stone, also known as Pedra Hijau, has gained international acclaim for its premium quality and diverse applications, particularly in the construction of aesthetically pleasing and functional swimming pools.

    Why Choose Green Sukabumi Stone?

    Green Sukabumi Stone is a native Indonesian natural stone that has become a popular choice for pool surfaces in various parts of the world, and Portugal is no exception. Its elegant green hues, combined with natural anti-slip properties and temperature-maintaining characteristics, make it an ideal material for both safety and aesthetics.

    Benefits of Green Sukabumi Stone for Your Pool in Portugal:

    bali-swimming-pool-project-at-chisinau-moldova-by-stone-depot (2)
    Green Sukabumi Stone for Bali swimming pool project by Stone Depot

    Safety First: The anti-slip nature of Green Sukabumi Stone ensures that your pool area remains safe even when wet, providing a secure environment for swimmers.

    Temperature Control: This natural stone has the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature for your pool, preventing it from becoming too hot during sunny days.

    Aesthetic Appeal: The lush green color of Green Sukabumi Stone, accentuated by outdoor sunlight, creates a serene and visually pleasing ambiance around your pool, elevating the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

    Health Benefits: Beyond its visual and functional advantages, Green Sukabumi Stone is said to contain Zeolite, a natural mineral that may contribute to detoxification by drawing toxins from the body.

    Where to Purchase Green Sukabumi Stone in Portugal:

    Tropical sense of the Pattaya resort’s pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

    For those in Portugal seeking to transform their outdoor spaces with the beauty of Green Sukabumi Stone, Stone Depot Indonesia is the trusted supplier that can meet your needs. Operating since 2006, Stone Depot has been a reliable source of high-quality natural stones, serving clients from numerous countries.

    How to Order:

    Contact Stone Depot Indonesia: Reach out to Stone Depot Indonesia through WhatsApp at (Putri) or via email at to inquire about Green Sukabumi Stone products.

    Explore Options: Stone Depot Indonesia offers a variety of options, including Plain Green and Crystal Green, with different textures and finishes such as honed, split/rock face, and sawn cut.

    Choose Your Size: Select the size that fits your project, with options ranging from 10x10cm to 30x60cm and a thickness of 1-3cm.

    Place Your Order: Once you have all the necessary information, place your order with Stone Depot Indonesia. They have experience in handling and exporting high-quality Green Sukabumi Stone to clients worldwide.

    Investing in Green Sukabumi Stone for your pool project in Portugal not only ensures a visually stunning result but also brings the benefits of safety, comfort, and potentially improved health. Stone Depot Indonesia stands ready to assist you in making your outdoor space dreams a reality.

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