• Add a Classic Touch With Limestone Indonesia

    Add a Classic Touch With Limestone Indonesia – Indonesia is known as a country that has abundant natural wealth. As the largest archipelagic country in the world, this country is considered a paradise for natural stone lovers.

    Many project managers are willing to fly all the way to Indonesia just to be able to see the natural stone they are looking for. Even in recent years, natural stone from Indonesia has managed to steal the attention in the international market. This makes more people interested in the beauty of natural stones from Indonesia. Some natural stones that have been known to the world are Sukabumi stone, Black Bali Lava stone, and also Bali limestone

    Classic White Limestone Indonesia Walling Tile

    Natural stone will be a material that changes the appearance of your property. You would not think that using natural stone in one part of the house can change everything. You will get a new perspective when using natural stone as a decoration component in your home.

    We will also realize that small touches have a huge meaning in changing the atmosphere. No wonder people are willing to prepare a special budget to get the natural stone they crave. If you want to use natural stone to beautify your home decor, limestone Indonesia will add a classic touch to your home.

    3 Types of Limestone Indonesia

    3 Types of Limestone Indonesia
    3 Types of Limestone Indonesia

    You are lucky if you know limestone in Indonesia, which is considered one of the most valuable natural stones on the international market. The reason is, that there are at least 3 types of Indonesian limestone that you can use to express your creativity in decorating the interior and exterior of a room.

    1. Classic Indonesia White Limestone

    The classic Indonesian white limestone has a dominant and bright white tone. This natural stone looks simple, but it is effective in presenting a new atmosphere when used as decoration. Classic white limestone is used for tiling because it can create an elegant impression in a room.

    In addition, the white tone also makes you free to be creative with other ornaments. Classic white limestone will be a neutral element that becomes the main background in a room. White is suitable to be combined with other colors because of its neutral nature.

    2. Paras Kerobokan Stone

    Paras Kerobokan Stone is widely used for wall cladding. Its strong, bold, and firm character will make a room with Paras Kerobokan Stone have a luxurious aura. Besides being used for wall cladding, Paras Kerobokan Stone can also be used as another decoration in a room.

    You can also combine Paras Kerobokan Stone with other types of natural stone to create a unique wall cladding pattern.

    3. Indonesia Limestone Classic Gold

    Unlike the other two limestones in Indonesia, Classic Gold has a grain-like texture. The gold tone will make a room have a warm and soothing feel. Classic Gold Limestone is also considered to have a very high-density level, making it above the average strength of other types of natural stone in its class. Using Classic Gold limestone will add to the character of a room, making it look dominant.

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