• Bali Stone – Amazing Bali Black Swimming Pool at Hanging Garden of Ubud Bali

    Bali black volcanic lavastone for swimming pool (Courtessy: Instagram @hanginggardensofbali)

    Bali black volcanic lavastone for swimming pool tiles (Courtessy: Instagram @hanginggardensofbali)

    Bali Stone – Bali Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles

    When it comes to natural stones, sure there are a lot of stones that could be mentioned, including Bali black lavastone (black volcanic stone) for swimming pool at Hanging Garden of Bali. The use of green stone is on the rise, as there are many people who seek alternative for ceramics. Why they choose Bali volcanic lavastone? Well, for one reason, it is connected with aesthetic quality of natural stones. Using natural stone for outer area will give a natural effect, which in turn give comfort to anyone who saw it. Swimming pool, garden and fish pond, are perfect area for you to apply Bali lava stone on each of them.

    So basically, Bali lava stone would be a perfect selection for those who want to build anything with natural concept. It came from mother of nature and could be applied for any purpose, making the pool to be more beautiful. When applied in any pool, the stone would turn the color of water into visible greenish. At the same time, the stone also able to purify the water, making it look more natural. You shouldn’t be surprised of it, because the green stones are often used to process the fertilizer and water. Shortly speaking, the green stone will give natural impression for anyone who uses it.

    Courtesy Instagram @nandabear27

    Courtesy Instagram @nandabear27

    Bali Stone – Where does natural impression of Bali black lavastone (black volcanic stone) for Swimming Pool at Hanging Garden of Bali came from?

    The swimming pool is an additional area that is quite exclusive, and therefore it should be made as exclusive as possible. An owner of a hotel should not think like an ordinary people who often use ceramics for their pool. Choose green stone instead of ceramics, although the price could be more expensive. And yes, the green stone is more expensive than ceramics, but it comes with distinctive style. For an eye, a green stone will look great when installed on the inside of the pool. While in terms of physical health, black lava stone could purify water and make it safe for the body.

    With these advantages in mind, shifting trends followed. Most people prefer green stone rather than ceramic, mainly for business locations such as hotels and villas. Bali black lavastone (black volcanic stone) for Swimming Pool at Hanging Garden of Bali could be an example of business location that has been used that type of stone. Exotic flavors are felt in the pool which has installed a green stone in it.

    Courtesy Instagram @neyu_ma

    Courtesy Instagram @neyu_ma

    By installing Bali stone inside the pool, people who stay at the hotel will find it more comfortable to stay there, because it looks cool and pleasing to the eye. With the rising popularity, it seems there is no reason for you to avoid the use of black lava stone from Bali. When you intend to build the lodge with the concept of “closer to nature”, your task is to find the right material. In the end, such a concept was indeed great and can be obtained from Bali black lavastone  (black volcanic stone) for Swimming Pool at Hanging Garden of Bali.

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  1. Joseph Vella says:

    Dear MS. Putri,

    I have a pool 10metres x 4 metres with a depth of 1.6 metres. Can you please let me know price and quantity required to install the black lavastone. Also I need it to be sent to Valletta, Malta (Europe)

    Looking forward for your reply

    Joseph Vella

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