• Green Swimming Pool Tiles – Amazing Green Swimming Pool at Sunsea Resort Muine Vietnam

    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sunsea Resort Vietnam1

    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sunsea Resort Vietnam (Photo Courtessy Sunsea Resort Vietnam)

    Nowadays, we can see a lot of large projects for resorts and hotels that offer green swimming pool tiles using a green stone sukabumi. Although natural stone with unique green colour and this is one of the exotic natural stone native to Indonesia, but there are still many people who are not familiar with the natural rock. marketing of natural stones from Sukabumi are more aimed at the world market share which are in the premium class so it is not surprising that a wide range of hotels and world-class resorts that exist in some countries is seen using natural stone as finishing the swimming pool or on the floor around the pool area.

    Green Swimming Pool Tiles – Green Sukabumi Stone

    Exotica of Green Swimming Pool tiles Using Green Stone Sukabumi For the public, pool finishing usually uses a ceramic or mosaic. Consideration the price is often one of the main points why they choose such materials. However, for a world class hotel or resort, they certainly do not want to present a common pool for visitors. One way to offer is by providing a green swimming pool tiles  that uses green stone of Sukabumi as the finishing.

    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sunsea Resort Vietnam2

    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sunsea Resort Vietnam (Photo Courtessy Sunsea Resort Vietnam)

    Typical Indonesian natural stone and are only available in Indonesia region has many advantages. Aside from a very natural green colour and unique, natural stone can deliver more value in terms of benefits. The natural stone contains natural compounds that can be utilized in the form of zeolite as water purifier. Yet so many people aware of the benefits of using green Sukabumi stone are applied to the pool.

    classic white stone at sunsea resort vietnam2

    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sunsea Resort Vietnam (Photo Courtessy Sunsea Resort Vietnam)

    Green Swimming Pool Tiles – Natural Green Sukabumi Stone

    Some people find green swimming pool tiles using a green stone is just like the look of the pool that looked fresh and clear as water in nature. However it turns out, does have a natural stone that is functionalized zeolite compound as a material for purifying water. Managers of swimming pool with mosaic or ceramic materials would not be able to get these benefits and should use special materials to purify water. With the content of these natural compounds, you certainly will not need to use a variety of chemicals to purify and clarify water in the pond so the water becomes cooler and healthier. To beautify the pool or pool area, apply a green stone from Sukabumi as ornamental stone is also not a bad choice. Creating green stone floors will provide colour display more attractive and unique. You can use basalt stone gray to provide the perfect blend of luxury concept in the pool. In addition to choosing alloys with basalt stone, you can also opt for a wooden floor around the pool area.

    Collaboration between wood and natural stone in green swimming pool tiles area will give a very comfortable atmosphere. The wooden flooring can give a touch warmer and natural stone in the pond will make the atmosphere becomes more green and fresh. Concept of nature and green has become one of the concepts that are popular in modern times as it is now. Many people want to bring more natural atmosphere, but with a modern look and luxurious.

    One way that can be done is to take the Sukabumi green natural stone for finishing the swimming pool as well as using some other natural materials such as basalt stone or wood floors applied in the area around the pond. Green and natural concept could also bring a different ambience and atmosphere in which it could offer a sense of happiness, calm, and peace for anyone in the area. an interesting concept and presenting green swimming pool tiles by using green natural stone from Sukabumi also be part of the project Sunsea Resort, Muine Vietnam.

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