• Stunning Basalt Cobblestone at the Drop-off Area Singapore Flyer

    grey basalt cobblestone at singapore flyer1

    Architects installed cobblestone at the drop off area Singapore Flyer. Using two color of basalt cobblestone; grey basalt cobblestone and black cobblestone, they create the stunning view on the pathway to complete the breathing panorama at this tourism attraction. Once visiting Singapore Flyer, people may get amazed with the observation wheel. In fact, the architects and constructors also worked well in designing the whole part of one of popular spots in Marine Bay. Principally, all are dedicated to provide an experience to remember to the visitors. They can explore this recreational area before enjoying the skyline view inside of convenient capsules.

    Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, outside of United States and also one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions. The idea was created and designed by Dr Kisho Kurokawa and DP Architects, Singapore. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye, Singapore Flyer was made to be a total attraction from the start. But unlike those two, it is completed with other public and commercial facilities such as terminal building that serves a passengers’ loading area, restaurants, shopping and personal wellness. There is even a rainforest garden attraction and strong transport links, adding the focal point of Singapore Flyer.

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    Bring Ancient Tone Back with Cobblestone at the Drop off Area Singapore Flyer. Using Two Color of Basalt Cobblestone; Grey Basalt Cobblestone and Black Cobblestone, It Reveals the Beauty of Rustic Accent in Modern Environment

    Take a look at the cobblestone at the drop off area Singapore Flyer. Using two color of basalt cobblestone; grey basalt cobblestone and black cobblestone, this area gives special accent to the modernly designed recreational spot in the city. Basalt has been used in constructions since the ancient times. Take for example the building blocks and in the groundwork. It is also used to make cobblestones and statues. The stone is also known as hot stones since it is obtained by mining basalt from a volcano. The actual source makes it have capacity retention and heat distribution. People usually take the advantage of the stone for therapeutic purposes.

    Basalt cobblestone is very hard, similar to granite n the terms of its characteristics. Even so, the texture has sharp edges more or less pronounced and depending on the basalt’s origin and type. Importantly, its uniform color, including grey and black, is appreciated much by the architects who often blend it with the trendy steel creations. Both indoor and outdoor, this material has the advantage to fit very well in simple and modern design. It can be used as paving, cobblestones and decorative aggregates. As it has been popular since the 3rd and 4th centuries, the basalt cobblestones at the drop off area Singapore Flyer seems bringing back the classic style.

    grey basalt cobblestone at singapore flyer3

    Traditional style of driveways, roads or drop off areas has been too usual. At commercial locations, functionality is not the only priority. the materials used should also offer the aesthetic value. Cobblestones, ranging from basic to the most advanced, are known as a bit more expensive choice. However, this material, e.g. Basalt, can be cut into many shapes and is available in different colors. It is a great choice to enhance the charm of area where it is installed. Importantly, other materials can be combined with the cobblestone at the drop off are a Singapore Flyer. Using two color of basalt cobblestone; grey basalt cobblestone and black cobblestone, the architects have made beautiful and durable investment.

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