• Bali Glass Mosaic Tiles Sizes, Uses, and Types

    Bali glass mosaic tile has been a favorite option for interior design all over the world. People may use it for commercial applications or homes. Because it is available in different shapes and sizes, you need to know about it. Anyway, it comes with impressive colors so that it works well in any design style. This kind of tile provides many benefits. One of them is that its surface finish is easy to maintain. Besides that, the various colors give you more options to choose based on your desire.

    Glass Mosaic

    Bali Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Bali Glass Mosaic Tiles Sizes Options

    When it comes to size, regular Bali glass mosaic tiles come in 20 mm x 20 mm. Meanwhile, crystal mosaic tiles come in different sizes. They include 72 mm x 72 mm, 48 mm x 48 mm, and 24 mm x 24 mm. So, when buying glass mosaic tiles, make sure that you choose the size wisely. You can choose the size depending on the area where you want to apply the tiles. Larger tiles are ideal for larger areas or spaces.

    However, manufacturers usually offer flexible sizes as per client’s requirements. It means you can request your desired size for the glass mosaic tiles you want to buy. However, you have to confirm it first to the supplier. Whatever the size is, any space will look much more elegant and feel classier with glass mosaic tiles.

    Where to Use Bali Glass Mosaic Tiles

    You can use it in any area of the home, either indoors or outdoors. With different glass mosaic tile sizes, this material is a great choice as it is incredibly durable. Even more, you can use it to coat a swimming pool. So, it creates a colorful and glimmering experience in your pool for an excellent custom touch. Remember that there are many kinds of glass mosaic tiles and each of them has its unique characteristics permitting its use in different applications.

    Bali Glass Mosaic Tile Types

    The first is the glass pool tile. It comes in small sizes that perfectly suit for application to the steps, corners, curves, and borders of an outdoor or indoor pool. It is very strong and durable, making it perfect for a swimming pool tile.

    Then, Bali glass floor tile is the next type that you can use to achieve a long-lasting and durable floor finish. Moreover, it has a smooth & decorative surface so that you can keep it clean easily.

    Besides that, Bali glass wall tile also belongs to the type. Often, it is more ornate & decorative than glass floor tiles. So, you shouldn’t adhere to safety standards that will dictate a floor tile’s slip resistance.

    Recycled glass tile is another type. You can recycle glass mosaic tiles again and again. So, it is a perfect choice for home. This tile features luscious color variations for a blended effect or exciting patchwork in the home. Now, you can create an art with this mosaic tile in any area. However, make sure that you understand the glass mosaic tile sizes and choose the size wisely.

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