• Bali Green Stone, Best Tiles for Your Stunning Tropical Pool

    A stunning swimming pool is a highlight point of attraction to many villas and hotels worldwide. For tourists, relaxing in a striking and exotic pool can make their stays in your lodging an unforgettable experience. It can easily be achieved using high-quality Bali green stone from Stone Depot Indonesia.

    What Makes Bali Green Stone Special?

    bali-swimming-pool-project-at-chisinau-moldova-by-stone-depot (2)
    Green Sukabumi for Bali swimming pool project by Stone Depot

    For people who don’t know, this stone may look ordinary. But actually, it has unique characteristics that make it special. What are those? 

    1. Exotic Tropical Pools in Your Garden

    Who can resist a clean blue turquoise pool on a warm sunny day? It will be an enticing place to visit for many travelers. Various world-class hotels worldwide have this luxury pool as a charm elevating their place.
    The secret lies in premium flooring in the pool. This pale green-colored stone is also widely known as green Sukabumi stone and made from a natural rock called quartzite.

    Underwater, the tiles will bring a greenish to bluish hue to your pool, making the water look beautiful and alluring. You will have a fresh and tropical feeling in your swimming pool with exemplary architecture.

    2. Water Purifying Characteristic

    This Balinese green stone is also unique because of its high durability, and it requires low maintenance. Besides, its mineral constituents contain zeolite, which has water filtering capability.

    Zeolite minerals can purify contaminants such as heavy metal ions and ammonia substances. Thus, making your pool water even cleaner and healthier for the visitor.

    Natural Stone Bali with Many Advantages

    Not just best aesthetically, Bali green stone pool tiles also have various properties that are superior to their other counterparts. Among the advantages, generally comprising of:

    1. Supreme Quality Stone

    These stone tiles are available with the highest quality properties. One of the characteristics is its non-slippery surface.

    Swimming pools and water attractions are prone to accidents due to slick floors and tourists’ high mobility around the area. Using these tiles will minimize accidents and make your pool a safer place for visitors.

    Bali green stone pool is also long-lasting and robust. It makes a cost-efficient choice for the tourism business.

    It is durable against extreme heat conditions and has a good density that ensures it won’t crack easily under heavy foot traffic. It also has a high hardness that makes it scratch and abrasion-resistant.

    2. Best for Various Utility

    The second advantage is its varying utility range for your architecture design. This natural stone Bali is perfect for many uses. Not only perfect for pool flooring and great for pool coping, deck, wall, bathroom floor, and many other benefits.

    We provide several finishes that you can choose from. The available types are sawn-cut finish, handmade honed, and split face finishing.

    Sawn cut is machine-cut and has a coarser texture than a honed finish. But both have smooth surfaces that are very good for floor tiles. Meanwhile, the split face has a rough and slightly jagged surface that is good for exterior wall decoration. It will bring more natural vibes to your wall.

    Creating the right atmosphere around your place is necessary for higher tourism traffic. So get your exotic, tropical vibes by using this supreme Bali green stone pool flooring by Stone Depot. For more information, find us through our contact person on Whatsapp

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