• Bali Stone: One of Recommended Materials for Outdoor Floors

    Quite many people underestimate the choice of floor designs. In fact, different rooms require different floor designs and materials. For example, outdoor floors require something strong, hard, and resistant to weather. If you are looking for the right material for outdoor floor tiles, Bali stone is one of the best options. There are many types of Bali natural stones that you can choose, for example, Karangasem stones or Kerobokan stones.

    No matter your option, you can buy Bali natural stones in Stone Depot. Stone Depot offers high-quality Bali natural stones that will complete both the interior and exterior of your house. In this article, we will talk about recommended materials for outdoor floor tiles.

    Bali Stone

    Bali Paras Kerobokan stone tiles for exterior wall cladding

    Bali stones as natural stones are ideal for various house styles. Bali natural stones are one of the right materials to create an elegant look for both interiors and exteriors. For outdoor floors, Kerobokan stones and Karangasem stones are the best choices. Both are hard and solid. Especially Kerobokan stones, these stones are resistant to weather changes and extremely durable, making them a perfect option for exteriors, including for outdoor floors.

    Bali natural stones are a great choice for those of you who are interested in adding a classic, traditional design to your house exterior. Their natural colors will also prettily decorate your exterior. In order to buy Bali stone from Stone Depot, you can go to their official website and contact them to make an order.

    Porcelain or Ceramic

    Ceramic or porcelain is one of the most popular materials for floorings. This material comes in a wide variety of textures, sizes, qualities, and designs. Therefore, ceramics are suitable for any house design. You can opt for solid-colored ceramics, patterned ceramics, or textured ceramics, depending on your preference and exterior design. For outdoor floorings, you can go for textured ceramics so that they will not get slippery when being exposed to rain.

    The downside of ceramic is that it is likely to break and get lifted if it is improperly installed. So, it is better to hire professionals to install this flooring material.


    For you who want to enjoy the benefits of parquet floorings without all the hassles, vinyl floorings can be your solution. Visually, vinyl floorings look like parquet floorings. But when you step on it, you will be aware of the different textures of these 2 flooring materials. Since it is an artificial material, vinyl is available in various patterns. The most popular one is a wood pattern that resembles parquet floorings. Vinyl also comes in solid colors and other patterns like natural stones.

    Vinyl is affordable compared to previous options. Moreover, it is also easy to install this flooring material. Vinyl is also resistant to water, making it suitable for outdoor floorings.

    Those are the recommended materials for outdoor floorings, one of them is Bali stone. There are still other materials that you can use, such as concrete and cement materials. Which material do you want to use to make outdoor floorings at your house?

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