• Bali White Marble Crystalline: Uses and Maintenance

    Today, Bali white marble crystalline belongs to the most stunning materials for floors, mantels, fireplaces, table tops, and worktops. It is widely used in commercial enterprises, offices, and homes. Besides that, people also often use it in the buildings’ design & construction as well as buildings in general. As we know, this marble offers a class, elegance, and beauty that make the extra maintenance rewarding. You also need to know that it will look nicer as it ages naturally. Compared to steel, this marble is easier to use as it requires less maintenance.

    The Uses of Bali White Marble Crystalline

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    It is important to know that some harmful properties may cause permanent damage to this marble such as lemon juice and vinegar. Then, calcium carbonate may reduce calcium oxide (lime), with many applications at high heat. That’s why it belongs to the main ingredient in various forms of cement. It also consists of 2 different kinds of limestone.

    For your information, natural Bali white marble crystalline remains as usual. Commonly, people use it in kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, people often use it on shelves, veneers, floors, and walls. However, we more often find it in the home, usually as a shelf, washstand, floor, and wall.

    How to Maintain and Clean Bali White

    Marble Crystalline

    When it comes to maintenance, it remains protected & stunning. You can seal it in different ways with a high-quality sealant. However, you should use it & be careful to maintain this marble. And, make sure that you use the best-quality marble sealant.

    If you want something more than a mild detergent for cleaning your white crystalline marble, you can use a high-quality standard cleaner for crystal white marble. You can buy this powder in many DIY stores or home improvement stores. Usually, it contains a manual guide for using it for cleaning marbles.

    A mosaic wall with crystalline white marble gives your home interior the warmth and charm of the stone. Even more, its ease of use makes your home unique, flat, and original. In addition, the use of natural stones like crystalline white stone has become more popular because it offers a combination of beauty, durability, and easy maintenance.

    Before starting tiling, ensure that the surface of the area is structurally sound and stable. Drywall, concrete, slabs, or cement are best because these surfaces tolerate moisture in the process of tiling.  You should avoid plywood because it warps with additional moisture. Besides that, plywood is less waterproof.

    If you find strong stains on the marble and you cannot remove them with water and detergent, you can use a marble polishing powder. This is also useful to avoid stains as well as make the marble more durable and easier to clean. And, keep in mind not to use abrasive when you clean it as it can scratch so cleaning will be more expensive and difficult.

    Beautifying Decoration with Bali White Marble Crystalline

    You can clean this marble using hydrogen peroxide and some drops of ammonia. Alternatively, you can rub water on the marble to keep its shine. Anyway, you can combine white crystalline marble with decorations to shape the mood. However, you may customize the décor and add timeless & classic beauty to any room.

    If you want to know more about our Bali white marble tiles, you can send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or reach us at: (Putri), and (Email).

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