• Bali White Sandstone Is Timeless Texture

    Bali White Sandstone is one of the famous natural stones from Indonesia with a beautiful texture that is timeless until today. This stone will be perfect for you who want to use a minimalist design theme for a house because of this astonishing primary white color from the stone. Many luxury hotels already use this stone for wall cladding, floor, tiles, etc. By the look of the classic appearance, this stone still stands in the modern-day because of its natural beauty. Therefore, the Bali White Sandstone for tiles has a smooth face but still has a firm enough surface grip. This stone is also known as Palimo White Sandstone. The stone has soft characteristics of rock stone, making it easily used for any design you want for your house.

    Moreover, the Bali White Sandstone has a soft stone type, but we can keep it for a long time by adding thickness. Our recommendation for this stone thickness is 2 centimeters added to it. It wills enough to keep this white sandstone from cracking and broken by unnecessary accident. This stone is more accessible to process than another natural stone because it is softer. This stone is mainly found and has been mining in Java, Island Indonesia. The white color of this sandstone makes it elegant and classic for wall cladding or flooring. Not only for the beautiful look has this stone also had many benefits for swimming pool or pool deck. 

    Benefits of Bali White Sandstone

    Bali White Sandstone Palimanan Tiles & Pavers

    Bali White Sandstone has many benefits that many people still don’t know about. For wall cladding and swimming pool deck, these stone benefits make the flooring have a smooth surface. So it will help them look more elegant with a classic white appearance. The temperature of this stone is also more stable, making the room or swimming pool cold. Also, because of the porous surface of this stone, its grip is more durable, so it will not make easily slip walk on it. Even Bali White Sandstone is very comfortable walking without foot war. This stone gets a smooth face that can apply for flooring near the swimming pool, indoor room, and outdoor for walking barefoot.

    This stone also has an elegant white classic appearance with a timeless texture that can make excellent wall cladding. In some cases, Bali White Sandstone wall cladding gives an elegant purity color suit for a minimalist design that high demand in many big cities. The tiles can also be made with the largest size to get unique large flooring for filling big space like a big house. This will also help the room has a more stable temperature. For the application of the stone, it will suit any kind of building because of the neutral look. You can use it as walling, flooring, swimming pool deck, etc. It will make your building more elegant and has an infinity white appearance.

    If you are interested in using this stone for decorating your house or maybe building a new one. This will be a great investment because this stone is timeless and can stand in every trend and time. For further assistance for Bali White Sandstone, you come to the right place, and please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly (Putri) or email:

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