• Basalt Cobblestone Pavers in Australia – Magnificence of Stone Basalt Pavers at Perth’s Bell Tower, Australia

    Basalt Cobblestone – Beautiful Visual Between Durable and the Contemporary-Looking Tower

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    Basalt Cobblestone for Swimming Pool in Perth Tower, Australia

    Perth’s Bell Tower, also known as Swan Bells, offers the mix between modern and classic beauty in its venue. Basalt Cobblestone Pavers in Australia adorns a modern tower that keeps 18 heavy bells from the 14th century. While the tower itself is the main attraction, the basalt cobblestone floor in the area is the one that interacts directly with visitors’ feet. The beauty of this basalt cobblestone may often get overlooked, but it creates a beautiful visual effect and adds a classic element to the contemporary-looking tower. The natural stone also has the right characteristics to handle visitors’ feet traffic one daily basis.

    Basalt Stone Tiles – Things You Need To Know

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    Beautiful Basalt Stone Tiles – All photos took and courtesy of Perth’s Bell Tower, Australia

    Basalt Cobblestone Pavers in Australia welcomes visitors directly when they enter the tower area. The grey stone tiles are perfect companions to the stone gate pillars and smooth asphalt drive road. The cobblestone looks smooth, with subtle grout lines that provide elegant touch near the modern tower structure. The color was chosen to blend with the asphalt road, but the cobblestone paving still looks distinctive compared to the asphalt surface. There is also basalt cobblestone paving inside the tower, especially in the area near the bells. However, the cobblestone has slightly paler grey tone compared to the one outdoor.

    Indonesia Basalt is a perfect natural stone if you prefer dark and durable stone for your project. As the Basalt Cobblestone Pavers in Australia shows, it has more resistance against natural elements. Basalt will not fade or crack easily because of heat, rain, and dust. The stone surface successfully withstands Australian summer, and it does not create light glare from sunlight reflection during the day. Basalt also withstands constant grazes and pressure from feet traffic. It also ages well; old basalt stone looks even more graceful in appearance than the newly-installed one. The dark shade also matches well with other materials in any constructions.

    Basalt is a type of volcanic stone, and one of the best places to source it is Indonesia. Bali Island is famous as a natural stone source, including high-quality basalt. Exporter such as Stone Depot provides basalt stone tiles and paving, in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Dark basalt cobblestone will give your property the elegant appeal. From garden pathways to stone patio, basalt cobblestone creates an elegant and durable walking surface. 

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    Basalt Cobblestone Pavers in Australia – Magnificence of Stone Basalt Pavers at Perth’s Bell Tower, Australia

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