• Basalt Stone Pavers Sydney – The Wow Factor of Basalt Stone Pavers at Sydney Darling Harbour’s Pedestrian Walk

    Basalt Stone Pavers – Wow Factor at Sydney Harbour Pedestrian Walk, Australia

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    All photos took & courtesy at Sydney Harbour, Australia

    Sydney Darling Harbour is one of the best pedestrian areas in Sydney. The Basalt Stone Pavers Sydney provides nice walking surface and decoration. As a popular holiday destination, a well-made design is everything in this area. The basalt stone paving is the iconic surface people will quickly recognize when walking in the main pedestrian area. Refurbished in 2011, the pedestrian area looks neater and more receiving for walkers than before. Their colors and surface patterns blend nicely with the surrounding landscape and city views, with different designs chosen for unique spots or destinations in each area.

    Basalt Cobble Stone in Sydney – Modern Architecture Design on the Pavers Side of Sydney, Harbour

    basalt cobble stone

    Shining Basalt Stone Pavers in Pedestrian Walkway Australia

    The Basalt Stone Pavers Sydney provides nice grey color to balance the area’s entire design. However, when entering different areas such as the fountain and café, you will see different basalt stone design. For example, an outdoor café operates on pavements with a lighter color. The area surrounding the spiral fountain has red basalt instead of grey. The main pedestrian path also uses red basalt paving, contrasting it with the larger side areas that use grey basalt. These different colors not only serve as visual designs, but also as guides for visitors to map the area.

    Basalt paving offers great features for outdoor projects. Basalt Stone Pavers Sydney was chosen for its classic look and suitable characteristics. Basalt is a volcanic stone that requires little maintenance, and it has little absorption quality, perfect for outdoor installation. Basalt characteristics make it ideal as a floor or pavement for areas with high pedestrian traffic. It provides a nonslip surface, natural look, and matte finish that will reflect the sunlight too much. Basalt pavement is available in various natural colors, such as light grey, green, ocean blue, tropical red, and dark grey.

    Basalt Stone Pavers Sydney – The Wow Factor of Basalt Stone Pavers at Sydney Darling Harbour’s Pedestrian Walk

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