• Green Sukabumi Stone – Beautiful Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles at Casaviva Bali Villa

    Photo Courtesy Casaviva Villa Bali

    All Photos Courtesy Casaviva Villa Bali

    This post will show quick review about the green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde) for swimming pool tiles found at Casaviva Bali Villa. Designed with the nature inspiration, this kind of green stone represents harmony with the shooting appearance. It brings calm situation on the pool with different accent. Of course, it’s a good thing to get the same stone style for layering pool flooring design. It gains mesmerizing situation in such different appearance. Beautifulness is what this stone about to build. Here we go, let’s check out several preview of these amazing stone designs. You will be inspired on how alluring these green stone designs.

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Beauty Bali Green Swimming Pool Tiles

    Relaxing and calming; that is the best way to describe the pool on this Casaviva Bali Villa. It brings awesome exterior accent on the pool with alluring space. The green color texture reflected from the green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde). This material is solid and firm enough. It gains pool exclusiveness with the cool combination on nature surrounding around this villa. The rectangular look on the pool also gains special exterior design for the villa. It can be a nice lounge space with the calm situation on there. Getting new fresh mind can be set easily from this unique pool flooring tile designs.

    Green Sukabumi Pedra Hijau Verde at Casaviva Villa Bali2

    Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool – Photo Courtesy Casaviva Villa Bali

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Exclusive Green Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles Flooring

    The additional lighting option inside the pool also brings dramatic effect for the green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde) on this Villa. It provides obscure illumination inside the water with glamorous look. It also gains stunning exterior impression with great nuance on there. Of course, it can be a nice inspiration especially for you who obsessed with nature thing. Adding the same flooring tiles using the green stone like this will enhance the pool luxuriousness—yet still with the traditional accent from its original stone. You can see that this pool is adorable enough with its stunning layering.

    The unique thing about this pool design is also about its traditional appearance. It uses original material comes from the local regional in Indonesia, right at Sukabumi. For the quality, it’s guaranteed with the long lasting material type in great impression. It visualizes natural appearance in such adorable look. Swimming, relaxing or sunbathing around this pool will become a different experience. It has nice impression with stunning color appearance.

    Green Sukabumi Stone  Pedra Hijau Verde at Casaviva Villa Bali3

    Photo Courtesy Instagram @kirstyfleming

    The green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde) has its special setting for gaining exterior design on this pool appearance. You also can see at how beautiful the pattern inside the pool tiles with its own uniqueness. It must be interesting, isn’t it?

    Well, what do you think about this flooring style for the pool at Casaviva Bali? It can be a nice thing for you to get some detailed specification about this Villa design. Nature becomes the main villa theme, that’s why the green stone inside the pool can be a very great selection for improving its special exterior pool design. The modern appearance combined with its chic look is also has its interesting nuance. It represents contemporary pool design without leaving traditional accent with its rustic setting. Be inspired with this green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde) and enjoy the photos.

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    Green Sukabumi Stone – Beautiful Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles at Casaviva Bali Villa

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