• Beautiful Modern Pools Design Ideas with Bali Stone Tiles

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    There is nothing better to combat the hot weather than with a cool plunge in a swimming pool in your own backyard. Today’s in-ground pools go far beyond the turquoise-lined rectangular forms that immediately proliferated in backyards ten decades ago. In fact, nowadays you have a lot of options to choose from.

    Your pool may be a lovely addition in the backyard if it has built-in waterfalls, surrounding plants, and organic designs. Many pools also include distinct meeting spaces with unique dining and sitting places, rich patio plants, and intriguing lighting, assisting in establishing your pool as the center for all outdoor activity. We’re talking about having daytime family fun and evening parties by the pool.

    However, what makes it special is—of course—the swimming pool itself. When built right, swimming pools can look sophisticated and alluring. One way to decorate your pool is by installing Bali stone tiles.

    What makes Bali stone tiles so special

    Undoubted view with shimmering Bali natural stone for the pools (Photo courtesy of Amankila Resort)

    For years, Bali green stone has been used in and around the pools of opulent Indonesian resorts and villas, not only because the tiles look lovely underwater, but also because this natural stone has particular water purifying properties.

    Aside from keeping your pool clean, Bali green stone has a number of other unique properties that make it excellent for pools and other outdoor purposes. On hot summer days, Bali green stone does not absorb a lot of heat. It also contains anti-slip properties, which helps to prevent accidents around the pool to a minimum.

    Because of its exceptional abrasion resistance to scratches and chipping, this natural stone will survive for millennia with little maintenance.

    Modern pools design ideas

    Now that you know which material to pick for your modern pool, here are some inspirations to get you going.

    Long pool with a classic touch

    Tropical sense of the Pattaya resort’s pool with Sukabumi Stone

    If you simply want to use your pool for exercise, a rectangle form is best. Long and linear is the name of the game, and this design works well in the backyard as well because the traditional shape gives you more pool cover alternatives.

    River view pool              

    The architecture of this in-ground swimming pool is sleek and clean. The river vista, which widens to a gorgeous landscape and gives a hypnotic perspective to rest your eyes while you drink or lay down in the sun, is the main feature.

    Luxurious moonlight pool

    The sophisticated swimming pool with Sukabumi stone in Bulgari, Dubai

    A sleek, contemporary little swimming pool is lit up to entice its owners to go for a nighttime dip. For a smooth transition from the house to the pool, the side corner wall is elevated to the level of the patio. Here, the Bali stone tiles will make it look more sophisticated as the material gleams under the blaring spotlight.

    Where to purchase Bali stone tiles          

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    Beautiful Modern Pools Design Ideas with Bali Stone Tiles

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