• Benefits of Using The Luxurious Java Cream Marble

    Java cream marble is widely used in old buildings. Used in Taj Mahal and Versailles, the natural stones are solid and durable.

    Nowadays, many interior and exterior designers use them as a part of an office, cafe, spa, resort, or homestay. The soft color adds royal beauty, suitable to pair with brighter or deeper colors.

    Cream marble stone might remind you of magnificent ancient castles in the past. Today the use of stone can add a natural and classic look to modern buildings. Let’s talk about what Java cream marble is and the benefits of using it in your design.

    Benefits of Using Java Cream Marble

    Java Cream Marble for flooring tile at Novotel Hotel Surabaya

    Quarried in Indonesia, Java cream has a beige color. It is widely used to create countertops, building stones, pool coping, ornaments, sills, sinks, and many more.

    Architects use stones to build walls, floors, interiors, or exteriors. You can choose various finishes, such as sawn cut, rock-faced, tumbled, polished, sanded, sandblasted, and many others.

    Below are some benefits that you will get when using Java Cream Marble.

    1.      Classic and Luxurious Look

    Have you imagined making a royal look cascading wall with Java cream marble stones? If you plan to build a traditional building, the stones will be a perfect choice.

    Meanwhile, using exotic stones as a part of your modern building will give a luxurious touch. Moreover, when cream marble tiles are exposed to sunlight, the surface looks reflective and shiny.

    2.      Eco-Friendly, Strong, and Durable

    By investing in cream marble, you can expect a durable design with minimal risk of broken tiles. The exotic stone is ideal for creating Java cream marble tiles perfect for room or space with high foot traffic.

    Two essential characteristics make the natural stone solid and durable:

    • The stones have a thick density. It helps cream marble tiles withstand the weight distribution and constant pattering.
    • The stones got relatively fewer chemical treatments than the synthetic floor materials. It is safer and more eco-friendly. If you are a person who has aware of environmentally friendly options, then you should choose Java cream marble.

    With many types of finishing, you can build walls or floors. Use regular tiles, mosaic tiles, and slabs. You can combine two or more finishes to create a harmonious look. People will recognize how interesting the cream marble texture is.

    You can use Java cream marble tiles/stones in any room. You can use them in the dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, patio, and many more. The stones/tiles will bring a modern, classic, royal, or even minimalistic look, depending on which finishing you choose.

    How to Get the Best Java Cream Marble

    Java Cream Marble or you can call it Java beige marble, can be made in different sizes and outstanding models. Consult which types of finishings and dimensions you want with us. Just click here for further assistance.

    Stone Depot provides high-quality natural stones suitable for your home, office, or business spaces. We will process your order and ensure your magnificent Java Cream Marble is delivered on schedule. So, are you ready to enhance the luxury of your buildings?

    If you need any further assistance in adding the natural texture of your building with the Java Cream Marble, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly (Putri) or email:

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