• Discover the Beauty Combination Bali Swimming Pool Tiles

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    The perfect balance between Green Sukabumi & Black Lavastone for swimming pool project in Colombia by Stone Depot

    Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone tiles are the best combinations for the swimming pool. These materials would give you a lot of benefits when you apply both of them because they will create an exotic entity. Those stones are known as one of the best Bali swimming pool tiles as each of the stones has a different character. In this article, we would reveal about the character of these stones and why these stones are an excellent combination that will give you not only the real aesthetic value but also a lot of benefits over the years.

    The Characteristic of Green Stone Sukabumi

    Exotic Bali Green Stone Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles

    This is one of the most amazing stone tiles in this world thanks to its ability to clean the water naturally. The Green Stone Sukabumi contains a Zeolite substance that will help you to clean and remove the organism in the swimming pool. The substance also reduces ammonia and makes it as fresh as crystal water. In short, the use of Green Stone Sukabumi will ensure the swimming pool is safe and healthy at once.

    Another advantage when using the Green Stone Sukabumi tiles is the exoticism that you can see from the pool. It has a natural green color that makes the swimming pool looks classy, elegant, and shimmering. The magic happens when the tiles are wet because they will look greener than from the dry condition. It is not surprising that many artists and home designers prefer these Bali swimming pool tiles are the basic material.

    When it comes to safety, the use of Green Stone Sukabumi will increase the safety level because of its solid texture. This is an anti-slip tile even when it is wet. So, it is safe when you use it as the whole swimming pool materials.

    The Characteristic of Black Lavastone

    Elegance Bali Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles

    Move to the Lavastone, which is a great combination for Bali swimming pool tiles material, is also known as Pedra Hitam because it has a dark and black tone. The stone shows black darker when it is wet and it looks a bit of gray when it is dry. The Black Lavastone would be a great companion for the Green Stone Sukabumi because this combination will create an elegant look and beautiful appereance.

    When we talk about the texture of the black lavastone tiles, this beautiful stone will keep the temperature low even though the sun is shining bright. Thanks to the tiny holes that build the natural cooling system. The holes also make the stone anti-slip which makes it safe as the flooring swimming pool tiles. And when it used as the outdoor area, it is safe during the rainy season because it is not slippery when it is half-wet.

    The combination of Bali swimming pool tiles; Green Stone Sukabumi and Black Lavastone will ensure the swimming pool is safe in any condition. The ability to give a natural cleaning system and keep the water fresh every time will make the swimmer comfortable. From the aesthetic perspective, the use of Green Stone Sukabumi and Black Lavastone will make the swimming pool looks apart from others.

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    Discover the Beauty Combination Bali Swimming Pool Tiles

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