• Find Our New Bali Swimming Pool Project in Moldova

    If you have ever been to Bali, there must be a time when you have thought about bringing the Balinese vibes to a private pool you plan to build. It’s not impossible for Stone Depot Indonesia to take the Bali swimming pool concept to Moldova.

    Little Bali in Moldova

    bali-swimming-pool-project-at-chisinau-moldova-by-stone-depot (2)
    Green Sukabumi for Bali swimming pool project by Stone Depot

    The Balinese-inspired swimming pool project undertaken by Stone Depot Indonesia—a supplier and exporter of Indonesian natural stones—proves that you can actualize this concept in your dream pool.

    The fundamental key to constructing such a pool area that can bring out a splendid and exotic Balinese atmosphere is the selection of stone tiles. Choosing the correct stone tiles for such a project can sometimes be a complex endeavor.

    A lot of crucial aspects need to be taken into consideration. Some factors, such as quality, aesthetics, and durability of the stone itself, must be addressed as no one wants to make any mistakes even before the projects begin. 

    Green Sukabumi stone tiles are your ideal option to build little Bali in your backyard like the one in the private swimming pool of Moldova. But why choose Green Sukabumi of all the available natural stones? 

    Why Choose Green Sukabumi for Building a Bali Swimming Pool?

    bali-swimming-pool-project-at-chisinau-moldova-by-stone-depot (3)
    Simple and minimalist pool with natural green stone tiles

    While many natural stones can elicit a Balinese vibe, Green Sukabumi remains the top selection. When it comes to benefits, this stone sure has a lot to offer.

    The natural green hue adds otherness and elegance to your pool areas, giving them a texture and appearance similar to the Bali beaches. Aside from that, the stone can reduce heat levels, resulting in stable pool temperature even during extreme heat.

    Furthermore, the maintenance process of Green Sukabumi tiles is deemed effortless. It doesn’t even require a lot of costs or even time to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. 

    Besides, the stone will keep your pool clean, and its color won’t fade away even without conducting frequent cleaning, thanks to its zeolite content.

    Suppose you are considering building a Bali-inspired outdoor pool with Green Sukabumi tiles. In that case, you can make your order at Stone Depot Indonesia. This Indonesian natural stone supplier offers a wide selection of textures, motives, finishing, cut size, and even thickness options which you can select as per your requirements. For further information regarding your order, you can send inquiries by email at or click the following WhatsApp link (Putri).

    Stone Depot Indonesia’s expertise will help you actualize your dream Bali swimming pool project with ease.

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