• Golden Palimo Adds a Natural Texture

    Golden Palimo Sandstone with creamy base color and thin wood grain can add natural texture to your house. This stone is similar to the famous Palimanan stone, but it has a smoother color and a much better hardness. It will give advantages to the durability of the stone but also the beauty of it. The Golden Palimo Sandstone is suitable for wall cladding and terrace floors, swimming pool, and tiles for the pool. Golden Palimo sandstone is a natural stone with high demands in the market, especially in Indonesia. Also, some countries are interested in this stone, like the United States of America, Australia, Dubai, Thailand, and many more. 

    Indonesia Golden Palimo sandstone has been well known with unique brown colors since its early 50’s. This type of sandstone is perfect for adding natural texture to the exterior and interior because of its durability function. Most resorts, villas, and hotels in Bali use this Palimo sandstone. This stone can bring out the elegance and tropical design ideas in your building for the Bali experience in your house. The name in this stone, Palimo or Indonesia Palimanan, comes from the Palimanan region, the factory that this stone has been made. This stone has been made with the modern machine for spitting, cutting, and finishing by state-of-the-art calibration machines that guarantee export quality precision.

    Description of Golden Palimo Sandstone

    Golden Palimo Sandstone Tiles & Pavers

    Bali Golden Palimo Sandstone or sandstone rock types from grains of sand through the sand process is less powerful, and some have a vulnerability side. Generally, light-colored like white and beige, and some of that color which a lot has veins. However, to have golden Palimo sandstone hardness or density is relatively high compared to other sandstone. The price of this sandstone is considerably affordable with the beauty, and this stone gives natural texture. The average surface natural texture from this stone is smooth and moderate. A moderate level of homogeneity is high up there for an option. Additionally, this yellow sandstone-colored drawstring adds a natural impression and texture to your house, mainly if you apply it for wall cladding.

    Before installing this stone, you need to know some of these essential things. To get the maximum result of this sandstone, when installing Golden Palimo sandstone, there are several things to consider for the installation. This stone should be added with water or wet before installing it. Use a mix of cement and sand, or you can use instant cement because this stone absorbs water from the mixed cement. You need to do this because this type of sandstone has bright and porous. After the installation, we recommended coating this stone to restrain the moss growth and sharpen the color. So, it will make your stone color stands out along the time like natural wood. The texture of this stone will also look more natural along the time and not get dusted by the time.

    Application of Golden Palimo Sandstone       

    Golden Palimo Sandstone is usually used in the exterior for walls, tiles, and floors because of the strength of this stone. It shouldn’t be too thick for walls because this natural stone will not be forced on the wall. Swimming pool tiles or pool decks need more thickness to keep them broken or natural texture. If you need any further assistance in adding the natural texture of your building with the Bali Golden Palimo Sandstone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly (Putri) or email:

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