• Golden Sandstone & Black Lavastone Are a Dazzling Duo!

    Golden Sandstone and Black Lavastone are the famous and premium stones for decorating your house with a dazzling look. When you use the Golden Sandstone for your building, you may realize that some of the features in these two stone as the primary material is a perfect combination. This unique durable sandstone and Lavastone can be applied for tiles, wall cladding, pool deck, and many more. Many villas and hotels use this stone for tiles for star amenities, from its complete bathroom to the relaxing private pool. They perfectly match the central theme, whether it’s for a minimalist or natural look design that communes with the natural beauty of the seaside setting.

    Next for the Black Lavastone is also known as Pedra Hitam (Pedra Black) in some places. It comes from volcanoes and is easily found in areas like Java Island, Indonesia. The stone has natural black when wet and has a gray look when it is dry and under the sunlight. It is elegant if you apply this stone for the swimming pool beside the golden sandstone in wall cladding and many more. This stone is already used in many cultural buildings like temples built a long time ago, but it remains standing today. So it means this stone has the advantage of strength lasting longer than any other stone. This stone for nowadays building, tiles, pool, wall, or floor can easily stand under any weather. This stone was formed by high-temperature Volcanoes Mountain, which gives this Black Lavastone.

    Black lava stone uses for wall cladding & floor

    Types of golden Sandstone to pair with Black Lavastone

    Golden sandstone has two common types. People are usually mixing or confused with those types. The first one of golden sandstone is a golden stand-out golden color. This type has a more golden surface. This stone has unique style color that makes the walling and flooring look like wood. Another type of sandstone is lighter golden or more look like yellow. This color looks more beautiful for some people. People are likely to choose this type to get a light yellow look, known as Yellow Palimo Sandstone. This stone also benefits the building like anti-slip, stable temperature, and unique lines. Same as Black Lavastone, this stone is durable in all conditions.

    Golden Sandstone Palimo uses for wall cladding & floors

    For the Black Lavastone application, you can pair it with tiles, walls, swimming pool, pool deck, floor, and many more. This stone will give an elegant look to your home with the deep black color from it. This stone provides a natural look of black, so it will be perfect for you who want to pair it with the light sandstone color. This stone doesn’t absorb thermal, so the building will keep cool even it has black color. In addition to the swimming pool, golden sandstone and black Lavastone look equally striking when applied to the pathway. Although the tiles look smooth and glossy, this stone has anti-slip, as we said before. Golden sandstone and Black Lavastone are dazzling duos that serve as the best building materials for natured themed properties in your home.

    These sandstone and black Lavastone tiles are impressive in style and design and offer safe and durable qualities that can last in different seasons and temperatures. For this reason, you can rely on both of these stone tiles to create a wonderful property that boasts a natural ambiance. If you are interested in these two stones and need any further assistance for Golden Sandstone and Black Lavastone, you come to the right place, and please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly …

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