• Green Stone Sukabumi, Unique Tiles for Luxuriously Unique Pools

    One of the most stunning premium natural stones is greenstone Sukabumi, commonly known as Bali stone. The name refers to the emerald to jade green color that many aquascapers adore.

    Sukabumi tile has been utilized in some of the world’s most magnificent pools, including those in Bali, Ibiza, and Bora Bora. Natural pool tiles, including lava stone pool tiles, are quite common. So, why is this Indonesian green stone in such high demand?

    Why Choose Green Stone Sukabumi

    Bali Swimming Pool Hotel with Green Stone Sukabumi – Photo by Kisane Slaney on Pixabay

    There are various reasons why Sukabumi stone tiles are sought after by aquascapers all over the world. Green Sukabumi stone is not only beautiful, but it also has other qualities that make it perfect to use in outdoor areas, especially the pool.

    1.      Green Sukabumi Stones are Unique

    Sukabumi stone is a beautiful natural quartz stone that has a light to dark green color. Due to its unusual green tint, it is also known as a quartzite green stone. It may also vary in shade, making every piece unique.

    Furthermore, when wet, Sukabumi pool tiles turn emerald green, making the pool even more gorgeous in the sun. As a result, many aquascapers prefer the Indonesian green stone as a pool tile.

    Sukabumi green stone tiles have been utilized in the pools of five-star hotels and resorts such as the Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali, Bulgari Hotel and Resort in Dubai, and others.

    2.      The Sukabumi Green Stone is Rare

    This particular stone, with its lovely green color, is not as common as one might believe. The green Sukabumi stone is a one-of-a-kind stone discovered only in Sukabumi, Indonesia.

    It becomes an exclusive stone that is primarily used in five-star establishments because it is rarer than other forms of natural stones. Its popularity continues to grow, as is its use in a variety of hotels and resorts around the world.

    Sukabumi Stone Tiles are Low Maintenance

    1.      It’s a Thermally Stable Material

    Because of its thermal stability, Indonesian green stone is also a popular choice for pool tiles. This is especially beneficial for pools in hotter climates or those that are exposed to the sun.

    It is also more comfortable for pool guests because Sukabumi pool tiles do not absorb heat. This is why pool tiles in five-star hotels and resorts are made of this stone.

    2.      Its Cleaning Properties

    Cleaning Sukabumi stone is easier than other types of stone pool tiles. Sukabumi pool tiles, in fact, have a self-cleaning property. Sukabumi stone has zeolite components as a result of its formation process, which involves volcanic ash and lava colliding with seawater and groundwater.

    Ammonium, phosphates, and magnesium, all of which can degrade water quality, can be absorbed by zeolite. Water filtration, construction, aquariums, and even skincare all employ zeolite powder.

    How to Purchase Sukabumi Tiles

    Green Sukabumi Stone is not only unique, but it is also very versatile. You can use Sukabumi pool tiles in saltwater and groundwater pools, in or outside the pool as an accent. Wherever you use it, it will definitely give a luxurious feel to your pool.

    Depending on your needs, the green Sukabumi stone price may vary. For further information about this natural and luxurious stone, you can contact us through Whatsapp (Putri), or call us (+62 231 8802888).

    You can also send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email ( We will answer your questions and provide you with all the information that you need about green stone Sukabumi.

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