• Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles Bring Out the Color of the Sea

    From many uses of green sukabumi natural stone, Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles is the most common usage of the stone. The reason is obvious once you see the stone with your own eyes. Just like the name green sukabumi, the stone has green color with blue shade that makes it looks like natural color of seawater surface. When you use it as swimming pool tiles, it will make the pool has the natural seawater color. It will make the water look lively and the pool look beautiful. The atmosphere around the pool will become fresh and comfortable just like when you relax on the beach.

    Since natural stone has distinctive texture, the look of the pool will become so natural, unlike surface with solid color. With Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles, the pool will look gorgeous, especially when the water is exposed by the light. In the day light, when sunlight touches the water, it will create the glittery silver sparkle on the surface of the water. Although the air is hot in the summer, the blue green water will cool out the feeling. In the night, you need to turn on the light so the stone will bring out the shine of water that will make it look so luxurious.

    Green Sukabumi Swimming Pool Tiles – Luxury Bali Swimming Pool Tiles


    Green Sukabumi Tiles for Swimming Pool Project in Australian Home by Stone Depot (Courtesy of Australian Benjamin Young Homes – MBA Awards)


    Just using green sukabumi as the surface base of the swimming pool is enough to increase the beauty of the pool but it would be best with unique pool design. The shape of the pool, the edge, and the details will make it unalike and unique for the building. Although the common swimming pool shape is rectangle, you can make it different such as choosing oval shape, trapezoid, or irregular curved. Instead of the common rigid edge, you can try to make it more natural curves so the pool will look like a natural lake. Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles will create different hue on the angle, the corner, and the curve.

    Due to the seawater color, green sukabumi is best to be use in outdoor swimming pool. Nevertheless, it is also good to be use for indoor pool as long as you have enough light to bring out the color. When you use Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles, it is important to pay attention to the surrounding. Make sure the surrounding area match the color of the stone perfectly. It is also good to add plants near the pool to increase the natural feeling of the pool. You can use flower plants to make the atmosphere livelier.

    Green Sukabumi Swimming Pool Tiles – Best Natural Swimming Pool Tiles

    Green sukabumi that available in the market comes with various hues and texture. The blue green color could be darker or brighter. The texture is also unique that one tile will look different from the other tiles. The cut, the finish, and the size will also create different result on the pool. Therefore, when choosing Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles, you need to be careful with your choice and the arrangement. Sometime, it would look good to mix different size of tiles to make inimitable look.

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    Green Sukabumi for Swimming Pool Tiles Bring Out the Color of the Sea

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