• Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone and the Good-Points

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    Our Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is the premium Bali natural stone for the exotic swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find a Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    Sukabumi is one of the regions in West Java, Indonesia, which has natural resources in the form of natural stones. In this city, there is a trusted natural stone seller who already has a lot of experience in the manufacturing, processing, and exporting natural stone tiles. Stone Depot already has a myriad of interesting portfolios, ranging from swimming pool projects in Bali, Dubai, Australia, Pattaya, even to Trinidad & Tobago. One of the most popular natural stones and has been used in many world-class projects is the Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone. Why are many world-class architectures fascinated by this natural stone? What is the reason why Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is the best selling product from Stone Depot?

    The Good Points of Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone

    Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone – Product by Stone Depot
    • Rarity and Exoticism

    Even though the Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is abundant in Sukabumi, but when compared with its natural resource reserves, the availability of natural stone is very limited. This makes the architects interested in using Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone because they can feel special. Indeed, the big name of this natural stone is still less popular when compared to Marble. But when it comes to the quality, the Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is no less flashy. Even this natural stone has excellent resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and also a much more affordable price. In addition, the Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone tiles will also make the swimming pool look more elegant.

    • Keep the Pool’s Temperature Low

    Building a swimming pool in a tropical climate aims to make visitors feel fresh when they swim during the day. However, the selection of the wrong material often makes the temperature of the pool actually feels hotter because of the sunlight absorbed by the material used. As a result, the water temperature in the swimming pool will increase and the pool feels less refreshing. The story will be different if you use Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone as a base material. This natural stone does not absorb heat so that the water temperature in the pool is low. Even the beachside swimming pool that uses Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone feels more refreshing even on sunny hot days.

    Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone at Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand (Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand)
    • Abrasion Resistance

    One problem that often occurs in swimming pools is the quality of the building which decreases in the long term. Abrasion that occurs due to natural stones is constantly exposed to water and hot temperatures often erode some areas of the swimming pool. As a result, routine repairs are needed. If not, then the quality of swimming pool buildings continues to decrease due to frequent damage. Using Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is the same as making a long-term investment. This natural stone has high abrasion resistance so it remains strong in use for a long time. No more additional cost for restoration or high maintenance.

    • Safety of the Pool

    In addition to paying attention to aesthetics, a swimming pool must also prioritize safety. Many accidents in swimming pools have fatal consequences which usually occur due to poor material selection. The Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone are anti-slip making it less susceptible to accidents.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

    Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone and the Good-Points

5 Responsesso far.

  1. Shea Halligan says:

    I need a quote for 10×10 or 20×20 hijau tiles. I need 200m2 total.

  2. Arménio Carlos Ferreira says:

    Hi, need quotation for 1TC conteiner Hijau stone green 10×10

  3. Nick says:

    Hi, can you send me some information about the green sukabumi stone. We are putting in a concrete pool they will be 6m x 3.5m and need some tiles. Do you deliver to Adelaide and how much would it be for this size pool? Thanks, Nick

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