• Green Sukabumi Stone 20×20 – Care and Clean Green Sukabumi Pool


    Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 flooring tiles is more durable than any other materials since it is the stone that was taken from the nature. Green Sukabumi or Green Pedra has an exceptional beauty due to their unique patterns. However, tiles that are made from the natural stone are porous, which means that water and liquid can be easily absorbed into the stone pores. Because of its natural characteristic, the stone can be easily stained by spills and soils. Even natural stone like Green Sukabumi Stone tiles are highly durable, but they can be easily damaged by abrasive cleaner. Because of that reason, using an acidic cleaner, such as vinegar is not recommended because acids will easily scratch and damage the surface of the stone tiles.

    Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 – Best Green Swimming Pool Tiles

    If you want to clean Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 floor tiles, you need to take careful steps in order to maintain its natural beauty. Here are some simple ways you can do. First, you have to wipe off any spills as immediately. This step will prevent the spills from staining onto the floor permanently. Wipe the spills like mud or juice using dry or wet vacuum cleaner or absorbent cloth before the spills create stains. When the spills have been formed as stain, you will find that it is more difficult to clean.

    Second, you need to sweep the debris off of the floor using vacuum cleaner or broom. Use soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner when vacuuming the floor to avoid scratch. You also need to damp mop the Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 floor with warm or hot water at least once a week. It is necessary to add mild liquid dish soap to help removing sticky soils or spills. If the water begins to get dirty, you have to discard it and change with new water. Rinse the floor always with fresh warm water after using the solution.

    Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 – Luxury Swimming Pool Tiles


    Green Sukabumi Stone – All Photos Courtesy of Private Swimming Pool in Coimbra, Portugal

    To prevent streaks after damp mopping, you need to use a dry towel. It is important to clean the dirt off the Green Sukabumi Stone 20X20 tiles and grout by using a soft brush. You can also use used toothbrush if you want. Dip the toothbrush in mild soap solution when you want to clean dirt from the tile grout. It is better to minimize stains from outside by asking people who want to enter to remove their shoes. You also need to put floor mat on the entrance door to halt potential dirt. Sweep and clean the pavement in the outside of the room to prevent dirt from outside enters the room.

    If you understand how to clean and care the Green Sukabumi Stone 20×20 tiles, you will be able to find that natural stone is more durable and also bringing a last longer beauty and characteristic. Remember to avoid all acidic materials from the floor because it can easily damage the surface. If you accidentally spill acidic material in the stone floor, you have to wipe it away immediately before becoming stains.

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    Green Sukabumi Stone 20×20 – Care and Clean Green Sukabumi Pool

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  1. Alma Santillan says:


    I saw your website and I am interested to you Green Sukabumi Pool Tile. May I know how many colors do you have for this model and how sizes available. I need around 400 sqm.

    Thank you very much.

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  2. Lela says:

    Do you have to use cholorine with green stone pool???

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    HI, i would like to get a quote for the Green Sukabumi Stone 20×20 – Care and Clean Green Sukabumi Pool. i need 200 m2.

    thank you

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