• Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price for Cladding

    Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price Cladding with natural stone commonly brings warm to your exterior but green sukabumi stone will bring freshness due to the green color. Due to its green color, the cladding stone will look good near the plants and colorful flowers so it is good to be used on patio or garden wall. If you looking for a good green sukabumi for cladding purpose, you can check out Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price, as one of best options. The natural stone has perfect characteristic for cladding that will make the exterior look beautifully natural.

    Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price – Best Price Best Quality Swimming Pool Tiles


    Indonesia Sukabumi Stone with Split Face Green Colour

    Split face is a type of natural stone finish. This finish is made by splitting the stone to make the front surface exhibits natural texture of quarry stone. The splitting creates uneven surface so the front of the brick will have protruding look. While the front is made uneven, the back is made to be flat for easy installation on the base surface. Stone splitting could be done by two methods, by hand or by machine. Different splitting method cause different Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price. Splitting by machine could make the price a bit lower than handwork because the company could produce higher quantity in shorter time and save on human labor.

    Green sukabumi in split face finish will make the cladding look so natural due to the uneven surface. If you want to make it look elegant, you can arrange the tiles in regular order. If you want to make it look different, you can arrange it on irregular order such as place some of the tile in vertical way while the other is placed horizontally. The size may also make the look different. However, Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price for different tile sizes could be different. Therefore, check out the price list to know how much budget you will need for your project.

    Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price – Premium Pool Tiles Quality

    Apart of for cladding usage, green sukabumi stone with split face finish could be used for other usages such as for outdoor swimming pool tiles. Green color of the stone will make the swimming pool look gorgeous because the water will look like the color of the sea. For swimming pool, you need to look for Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price that has the anti-slip quality. It is important because you do not want any accident happen on your swimming pool due to slippery surface. Safety should come first when you construct swimming pool as well as other parts in the building.

    If you interest with green sukabumi stone, you need to know that this stone is quarried in Sukabumi, Indonesia. However, you should not worry if your house is located in other country because the stone could be exported to your place. Before you make order, you need to calculate your need first so you will get enough tiles to cover the surface you want. Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price is commonly set per square meter so you need to make order in square meter unit. In addition, the stone may only available for minimum order.

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    Green Sukabumi Stone Split Face Price for Cladding

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