• Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone – Swimming Relaxingly Above the Shimmering Green Swimming Pool

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    Our Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone is the premium Bali natural stone for the exotic swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find a Green Sukabumi Hijau Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    Apart from sweet water and sunlight, your pool tiles can also play a significant part when you want to swim relaxingly. One solution for this: Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone.


    Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai – Photo Courtesy by Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

    Do you ever think about whether it’s possible to have a private pool at home similar to those five-star hotel ones? It’s actually no longer a dream, although the preparation like choosing identically gorgeous tiles can get a bit crazy. You shouldn’t let this bug you, however. From porcelain to natural stone tiles, the diverse types of pool tile look great and have their characteristics either way. What sets the limit involves your personal preference and the overall appearance you want to achieve. Lots of five-star properties have applied green sukabumi stone to their tiling and décor as you witnessed, and you can do the same. The stone’s stunning and prevalent look has put them as one of the best natural resources to use for swimming pools.

    Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone – Exotic Green Stone Tiles for Breathtaking Shimmery Look

    From Five-star to private properties always manage to maintain the shimmering look of their pools, thus inviting guests to indulge there with a heightened relaxation. What may help in achieving this look is due to their waterline. If this is the perfect pool you dream of, you need to know that waterline tile can give your pool an extra “wow” factor. When light from the sun or side lamps shines, the water appears more luminous and shiny. A point of décor is also obtained from its pop of style and color. All of this can come from the aesthetically pleasing Indonesia Green sukabumi stone, a product natively found in certain parts of Indonesia.


    Private Pool with Green Sukabumi – Photo Courtesy of Cambodia Project

    They don’t only build the breathtaking look you want but also enhance a rustic or natural décor to the whole vibe of your home. A natural product like green sukabumi stone gives organic and earthy tones to your pool. Their dazzling emerald color improves the look to a whole new level, and they’re scratch-resistant and have unique water purifying properties. There is a chemical compound called zeolite that cleanses the water pool by absorbing heavy metals, contaminants, and bad odor. If you take excellent care of the pool with a filtration system as well, you’re going to have the five-star swimming pool you always wanted! It’s time to swim relaxingly along the shimmering water, right?

    With a lot of vendors out there, Stone Depot Indonesia prides themselves in supplying the highest quality products, like the green sukabumi stone you want. Our R&D team strive to monitor production progress on each order closely and deliver within indicated timelines. Stone Depot is a reputable manufacturer, exporter and landscaping contractor for Indonesia natural stone such as green sukabumi stone, black lavastone, limestone, basalt and etc. They’re also trusted for the production of natural marbles and granites in various hotels, apartments, and different types of residency in more than 80 countries in the world. Already in service since 2005, customers have long approved of their excellent product and service quality.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Green Sukabumi Stone , please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Swimming Relaxingly Above the Shimmering Green Swimming Pool


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