• Indonesia Black Lavastone – The Hidden Gem Stone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

    Indonesia Black Lavastone – the Hidden Gem within the airport


    Indonesia Black Lavastone for Wall Cladding – Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

    If you happen to have interests in travelling, The Jewel, which is located in the Changi airport Singapore, must be another great experience new to you. Since it opening in April 2019, many tourists have not ceased to come yet. Bringing the concept where Singapore meets the world, the architect creates the Jewel’s building design with combination between the modern world and nature. Imported world class installations, designs, materials are brought together as one in one of the busiest places in the world, Changi airport, Singapore. Surrounded by hundreds of imported flora and materials, perhaps many people still do not know that there is a hidden gem within this place. It’s black lava stone. The Indonesia black lava stone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore can be found aside the infamous The HSBC Rain Vortex, especially in Shisedo Forest Valley’s claddings. It’s a fantastic wall cladding design collabs with the lush green sanctuary.

    Indonesia Black Lavastone Cladding – Beautiful in the Jewel’s Claddings


    Elegance Beautiful Black Lavastone Cladding from Indonesia – All photos taken & courtesy of Jewel Changi Airpot, Singapore

    Talking about Lava Stone, there is so many magical points you can get by using this stone in every project design. Jewel Changi Airport Singapore, has been proven why it’s consider to choose this bali stone tiles. First is about the durability and second, natural feels design. Choosing black color of Lava Stone with the perfect cut for the Jewel’s claddings, it brings an elegance and calmness sensation for every people inside the room. It also becomes the perfect combination between the modern architecture design with natural feel by using this stone as a main point of view at the Jewel’s claddings. The contrasts between wet and dry stones also make an illusion of having multiple colors instead of one. Yet the monochromatic color makes the whole building looks timeless and blends well with other styles or designs there.

    The reason why the architects decide to use Indonesia black lava stone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore is not just for design purposes. Besides, it is easier to import since Indonesia is a neighboring country. Indonesia natural stone tiles, especially the Black Lavastone, have the world class stone quality. It’s durability is like no other materials you can find. Lava stone also is the material you could be found in multiple historical buildings, for example Borobudur temple and Pura Besakih temple. Those temples were made using local black lava from centuries ago and have with stood all kinds of weather, you name it, rain, heat, even collapsing grounds and melting lava. Yet the temples survived miraculously. The minimum year for the stones to last is 100 years. It is clearly the reason why Lava Stone is the most suitable natural stone for the Jewel’s claddings in Changi Airport, Singapore.

    Hidden Gem in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore : Indonesia Black Lava Stone

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