• Ideas to Dress up Your Walls with Bali Natural Stone

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    Wall is one of the important aspects in terms of look in a building. What you see on the wall plays an important role in determining look and feel. When you want to stand out the look of your place on your street, it begins with superb exterior wall cladding.

    We will give you extraordinary inspiration on how to outlook your wall as an outstanding artistry masterpiece. But it’s not just the exterior that needs to decorate. We will choose one exact theme for the interior for the beauty of wall cladding. In this article, we write some inspirations for your wall cladding with Bali natural stone that you may apply in your building or a house.

    1. Black Lava Temple Stone Cladding – Baobab Safari Resort

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    Black lava temple stone for exterior wall cladding

    Baobab Safari Resort used Black Lava Temple stone majestically. Temple stones or also known as Black Lavastone are stones that did not cut by their natural surface, then their surface is still naturally rough like a mountain rock. Its black-grey color fits perfectly in the Baobab Safari resort it gives a strong natural texture and shows a traditional charming impression. Black Temple Stone that from volcanic lava that has hardened, the stone can be used for every type of theme. Although this stone is easily mossy, this is not a problem because it can be overcome by coating.

    2. Bali Bukit Limestone Cladding – Oberoi Beach Resort

    sandstonetiles (3)
    Traditional wall cladding features with Bali Bukit Limestone

    Oberoi Beach resort impressively uses Bali limestone to decorate the wall entrance. The characters of limestone were good bearing capacity look spectacular thanks to the perfect composition of the frame stone. Bali Bukit Limestone has much texture, the type that is different from the density, level of stone hardness but also natural color. The Bali Bukit limestone artwork inspiring as they succeed to add calmness feels in this place also fits the color composition with the golden wooden gate of Oberoi Beach Resort.

    3. Bali Sandstone Wall Cladding – Eco Green Park

    sandstonetiles (2)
    Bali Sandstone bring the tropical nuance for Eco Green Park, Malang’s outdoor

    The Bali Sandstone brings richness and magnificence to every building. Eco Green Park manages to use the stone in cladding and it looks terrific from the outside by the luxury of the Bali Sandstone. It has elegant and luxurious eye-pleasing at the same time. Natural stone that is used for wall cladding is usually well made to create the stone cut it as thin as possible so that this is suitable for the wall cladding. Despite this is made of natural stone, it is quite light in weight.

    You would not find any problem applying the wall cladding to your building with Bali natural stone wall cladding because it is easy to handle.

    You can use wall cladding to create a certain unique design or style in your building such as a hotel, villa, resort, or house. For the installation of a suitable wall cladding from the island of Bali, you need to consider the maintenance of the wall cladding. Because you certainly don’t want to bother caring for your wall cladding to keep it looking beautiful from time to time. So that is the example of wall cladding with  Bali natural stone, we hope you find the one that you want to use in your place.

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    Ideas to Dress up Your Walls with Bali Natural Stone

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