• Improve Your Outdoor Living with Bali Black Lava Stone

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    Our Black Lava Stone is a premium Bali natural stone for the exotic outdoor living. If you need to find a Black Lava Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    The living room is one of the most important parts of the house. This is where everyone gathered for talking about what’s going on with their life. It is not surprising that we need to create warmth and great ambiance in the living room so it helps to brighten the mood during the family gathering. But in recent times, some people decide to create something different by adding outdoor living areas in their houses in order to get something fresh. An outdoor living area is also a great place to hang out during the evening for the small fire pit. And if you are interested to build the outdoor living area, the Bali black lavastone would be a great material for paving, wall cladding, or tiles.

    Black Lava Stone Tiles from Indonesia

    Decorating the Outdoor Living Area with Bali Black Lavastone             

    The Bali Black Lavastone has a different color range and at least 6 different motives that you can choose based on the concept of the outdoor living area. The stone is available in Light Grey, Black, and also Dark Grey, which can bring different ambiance and shading to your outdoor living area. Each of the colors is natural so they will last forever even though the rain, snow, and the sun expose them every year. And when it comes to motives, you can think of six different styles to beautify the living outdoor area. You can use the pavers and tiles to cover the ground and we suggest you choose the black tone that will fit with the vicinity. Meanwhile, for the wall cladding, the options are varied as you can choose the Black Lavastone with camel cladding style, the tumbled cladding, or the diamond cut.

    Bali Lava Stone Cladding

    The Bali Black Lavastone will help you improve the outdoor living area because they give you plenty of solutions to decorate the outdoor. The pavers would look more nature friendly with the Black Lavastone as it is made of natural material that will blend with the surrounding perfectly. And for the wall cladding, the camel cladding style is the best selection as it gives both a contemporary and traditional look. Plus, the camel cladding style adds the texture on the wall so it has thick characteristics. Another alternative that you can try is combining the tumbled cladding and the lava stone tiles so there are two different characteristics in the outdoor living area. Oh, we forgot to mention that the Bali Black Lavastone is also suitable for the swimming pool tiles. Wouldn’t it be sensational if you have a small pool where you can dip during the summertime? Use the Bali Black Lavastone for a better pool quality!

    But if you don’t have any idea what you should do about the stone, you can contact the Stone Depot team that has experience in designing the outdoor area with Black Lavastone. In short, you know the source to get the high-quality material and someone that can handle the stone to improve the appearance of your outdoor living.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Black Lavastone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

    Improve Your Outdoor Living with Bali Black Lava Stone

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