• The Beauty of Black Lavastone at Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu, Bali

    Indonesia black lavastone tiles have a natural beauty that blends perfectly with other natural materials, like at the Villa Sound of the Sea in Bali.

    Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – Photo was taken at Villa Sound of The Sea Canggu, Bali

    Indonesia black lava stone tiles are huge parts of the country’s architectural traditions. As a country situated in a volcanic ring, lava stone is a common thing to find in almost all areas. You can see the beautiful incorporation of lava stone at modern properties, including various hotels and villas in Bali. Villa Sound of the Sea in Canggu is one of the luxurious properties that use lava stone as a prominent material, both as exterior and interior. The neutral color and the rustic touch give natural elegance, even with the smooth and polished touch on the tiles. Getting lava stone tiles from the country is very easy, so you can imitate the design wherever you live.

    Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – Your Elegance Swimming Pool Tiles

    The black lava stone in Indonesia is often called “Batu Candi” (temple stone) because of its prominence in ancient temples. Famous temples, such as Borobudur and Prambanan, have black lava stone as their main materials, which makes them stand for centuries while keeping all their majestic details. Lava stone is also prominent in ancient stone structures from megalithic cultures, like in various parts of Java, Sulawesi, and Eastern Indonesia. Bali, which still has active volcanoes, also features lava stone in many of its temples and ancient structures. Local artists even create statues, ornaments, and gates with lava stones; many of them are for modern buildings.

    Most indonesia black lava stone tiles are grey, dark grey, or black, but some lava stones have deep maroon and rich brown shades. Their rustic beauty is perfect for a traditional-style property, like VillaSound of the Sea. The property combines traditional tropical elements in its architectures, including wood and other natural stones. You can see the black stone tiles lining the edges of the outdoor swimming pool. The dark color contrasts beautifully with the Sukabumi green stone tiles that compose the pool surface. The black stone lines are also visible on the corridors, next to limestone tiles and wall cladding.

    Lava stone tiles are great for almost any constructions, decorations, or ornaments. You can order lava stone tiles from Indonesian suppliers for the best quality. Use them as pool linings, floor, wall cladding, decorative tiles, and patios. The stone can handle the natural elements, which can quickly degrade the more fragile stone products. Some lava stones are even shaped and coated well enough to serve as bathtubs and sinks, which are common at various holiday properties in Bali. Add an expensive element in your property with black lava stone tiles from Indonesia. Don’t forget to order the stone from the best supplier in the country.

    Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – The Beauty of Black Lavastone at Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu, Bali

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