• Indonesia Classic White Limestone – Natural White Limestone for a Minimalist Approach

    Indonesia White Limestone – Offers Soft Elegance and Natural Beauty in Your Architecture Projects


    Indonesia Classic White Limestone

    Creating a simple beauty from natural materials is an ageless trend in architecture. Indonesia classic white limestone is one of the best natural rocks to achieve an elegant look. Cheaper than marbles but no less charming, limestone has beautiful details even in its natural state. Examples of limestone’s natural show of beauty are Pamukkale terraces in Turkey and La Zaplaz cave formation in Romania. Limestone also appears in famous landmarks, such as the Giza Pyramids and Malta Megalithic Temples. These buildings have little details, but the elegant beauty of the light stone has improved their looks, making them look regal in a classic way.

    Indonesia White Limestone Tiles – Benefits of Using White Limestone

    Indonesia classic white limestone has light shades, ranging from off white to cream and subtle grey. Some limestone pieces may have a light sandy color. Limestone’s neutral soft color make it perfect for any interior designs. You can use it as the base of designs, such as floor or walls, before adding furniture and other colors. Limestone appears as floor tiles, wall cladding, decorative panels, and building blocks. It is popular for a dry bathroom part, master bedroom, and living room. Limestone is porous and soft, so it is easy to customize and modify. You can also use crushed limestone as an aggregate for concrete and road paving.

    Since Indonesia classic white limestone is quite porous, it is not too ideal for exterior projects. However, the material makes up for it in rich finishes, shapes, and textures. Sawn cut stone, for example, is split on its natural layer to create a “rough” appearance. Flamed stone also has a rough surface due to the intense burning process. Meanwhile, split stone also shows off rough texture due to a splitting process. If you prefer a smooth texture, choose the honed finish, which brings out the limestone’s natural shine. For something between rough and smooth textures, you can opt a bush-hammered stone. To make its subtle textures, you need to use a special masonry tool.


    Indonesia Classic White Limestone

    The Bali-based Stone Depot provides Indonesian limestone products with all these options. You can order high-quality limestone with unique colors and textures, such as sandy Serai Bali, Classic Gold Limestone, greyish Brexi, and soft Crema Marquina Light. The stone is sold as tiles, paving blocks, and mosaic wall panels. However, you can also order split face stone with customized cutting sizes based on your projects. Typical tiles and pavers appear in various sizes, from 100x100x100 cm to 600x1200x40 cm. Order your Indonesia classic white limestone from Stone Depot, and incorporate the soft, natural beauty of this sediment rock into your property.

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    Indonesia Classic White Limestone – Natural White Limestone for a Minimalist Approach

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