• Lava Stone for Wall Cladding – The Durable Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding

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    Our Lava Stone for Wall Cladding is a premium Bali natural stone for the durable wall cladding. If you need to find a Black Lava Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    Lava stone is known as one of the strongest types of natural stone which is often used for residential interiors or exteriors. This natural stone is commonly found in countries that have active volcanic clusters. Indonesia, an archipelago which is also located on the ring of fire, is known to have a series of volcanoes which are also the main source of lava stone. Active volcanoes often erupt and spew lava, which then becomes the main material before being processed into small pieces of lava stone. The end result, the stone tile pieces are ready to be used to decorate the walls of your home with wall cladding techniques.

    In Indonesia, Bali is known as a tourist destination for travelers from abroad such as Australia, Europe, and even Africa. But on the other hand, Bali is also known as a supplier of lava stone for wall cladding. Bali Black Lava stone is often chosen for wall cladding due to several beneficial factors. In addition, these stone tiles are known for their strength and sturdiness. To prove it, we can look back at the historical records of Indonesia’s past. Long before the existence of modern civilization, local people used lava stone for their megaproject; the Borobudur Temple. Interestingly, even though it has been standing for hundreds of years, the largest temple in the world is still strong today.

    Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding Patterns

    That is a fact we can prove to you, that the lava stone has unbeatable strength that lasts forever. Imagine this material is applied to your house. Not only will it add to the aesthetic value of the wall, but also be a source of pride. Other than that, there are many ways to transform your wall with the lava stone tiles. By using certain patterns, you can create different appearances on your wall. But make sure you choose the right pattern as it will result in a different view.

    Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding Random Pattern

    Bali Lavastone Random Pattern (Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

    This pattern is suitable for the outer part of your house, the fence for instance. The random pattern will make the fence look more exotic. It also shows a more authentic and natural impression. The use of this pattern is also suitable for use on a pillar or facade.

    Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding Tumbled Pattern

    bali-lavastone-wall-cladding (3)
    Bali Lavastone Tumbled Pattern

    This is also a great option for those who want to transform their wall into a different look. The tumbled pattern looks neater and will add different values for your fence. The pattern will make the appearance look glamour and elegant.

    Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding Diamond Cut Pattern

    bali-lavastone-wall-cladding (2)
    Bali Lavastone Diamond Cut Pattern

    This one is better if applied on the interior wall as the diamond cut will enhance the character of your house. The pattern will create a 3D appearance, making your wall look more alive and eye-catching. This one is definitely my favorite as the black tone of the lava stone will elevate the concept.

    Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding Strip Pattern

    bali-lavastone-wall-cladding (1)
    Bali Lavastone Strip Cladding Pattern

    This is the most common lava stone pattern used for resorts, hotels, and residential. This pattern is great for both interior and exterior parts. The combination of lighter and darker tones will create a very perfect gradation on your wall.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Black Lava Stone Wall Cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

    Lava Stone for Wall Cladding – The Durable Bali Lava Stone Wall Cladding

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