• Various Exterior Decorations that use Lava Stone Tiles

    One of the natural stones that have a very good level of strength is lava stone. This natural stone is formed because volcanic lava freezes due to low temperatures. The heat of the lava will not last long in a low-temperature environment, causing it to freeze and create new rock formations beyond the ground. For humans, these stones are a blessing because they can use the stones for various things. Lava stone is often processed into tiles which are then used for home decoration. Lava stone tiles have also become one of the popular variants because apart from having a good level of strength, their appearance also always steals attention.

    Lava Stone Tiles
    Lava Stone Tiles

    From a quality perspective, lava stone tiles have a very good standard and are able to compete with other natural stones in the international market. Due to its excellent strength, lava stone is often used for pavers and tiles. We can see it at several famous resorts in Bali, Dubai, to Thailand that uses lava stone for pavers. Its good strength level is able to withstand heavy loads so it will not break. No wonder lava stone is widely used for various exterior decorations. We’ve selected a few exterior projects that you can try using lava stone.

    Exterior Lava Stone Tiles Projects

    1. Lava Stone for Fountain Pot

    A house will feel more calming if there is a fountain in the front or backyard. But we also have to be able to create a beautiful color gradation in the fountain pot. One of them is to use lava stone which will give a new exotic color combination. Lava stone has a strong black color, making it able to blend with other elements even though they have different tones. You can use a lava stone to create a contrasting black line on the fountain pot. Then you can use pebbles on the inside of the fountain pot to create an exotic contrast around it.

    2. Pool Deck

    Some of the resorts in Bali have swimming pools with an extraordinary appearance. It often provides inspiration to anyone who sees it. The combination of a stunning swimming pool design with the right selection of natural stone makes the swimming pool look perfect. Although using other natural stones for pool tiling, the pool deck feels special thanks to the lava stone tiles. The distinctive black color once again manages to provide a stunning contrast. The combination with other natural stones makes the feel of the swimming pool feel like a relaxing sanctuary. You can try this combination when you are going to create a swimming pool project. Using lava stone for a pool deck won’t make you regret it.

    3. Lava Stone Wall Tiles

    Besides being able to be used for pavers and pool decks, lava stone tiles are also perfect when chosen for stone walls. Choosing the right material for the wall is something that is not easy. We need to plan well in order to create the perfect color mix. The good news is lava stone has 3 types with different black densities. You can choose black lava stone, gray lava stone, and gray-black, which will create a beautiful contrast mix.

    How to Purchase Lava Stone Tiles

    The price of Lava Stone Tiles for Exterior projects may vary. For further information about this natural stone, you can contact us through Whatsapp (Putri), or call us (+62 231 8802888).

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