• Lost In The Jungle, the Perfect Concept comes with Perfect Red Marble Floor Tile

    Indonesia red marble is the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find the Indonesia Marble Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    If you ask about the most popular flooring this year, many people will give different answers. It is true because, in reality, there is no perfect flooring – of course, there is perfect but we’ll get into that later.

    We can’t compare flooring projects one with another. Like a taste, flooring must also be adapted to the conditions in order to create a harmony that leads to perfection.

    In other words, we must be able to use our senses in choosing the right flooring type. From Eco Green Park Malang, we can get at least one inspiration that will open our eyes to make it easier to determine the floor.

    Breathtaking Indonesia Red Marble Flooring at Eco Green Park Malang

    indonesia-red-marble-floor-tile-at-eco-green-park-malang (2)
    The uses of Indonesia red marble for outdoor floors improve the wilderness sensation at Eco Green Park, Malang

    Eco Green Park Malang is an open place that provides an experience of exploring the wilderness. This place also has a very amazing design because almost the entire area of this place looks like nature.

    We can even see some animals roaming like in their natural habitat. We were so amazed that we finally realized that this place has such a perfect design that everything looks real.

    One of the striking spots is when we enter the area using the Indonesia red marble, Pacitto Rosso. With a fiery red color, it was as if we were ‘Lost in the Jungle’ because suddenly the appearance was different from the others.

    Flooring is something that is very important in creating an atmosphere or giving a certain character to a room. This is why we can’t say that all flooring is the same because you have to understand what kind of concept or character you want to display.

    For the concept of ‘Lost in the Jungle’, Eco Green Park Malang uses Indonesia red marble floors because it has a character that fits the theme. This natural stone has a color, texture, and properties that make it blend into the area around it.

    Maybe this place will look different if Eco Green Park uses other materials. But this is the art, they manage to choose the right material for the right concept. Without this red marble stone, it is impossible that this place as breathtaking as this.

    The Beauty of Red Marble Floors at Eco Green Park Malang

    indonesia-red-marble-floor-tile-at-eco-green-park-malang (1)
    With it’s unique texture, Pacitto Rosso create perfect outdoor red marble floor tiles

    Indonesia Red Marble Pacito Rosso is a very beautiful natural stone. The raw marble material is processed and colored to create a fiery red tone. The process also creates different textures and finishes, so that it can blend with the concept you want.

    Interestingly, this process also creates a unique abstract pattern because some of the pieces show a reddish yellow color combination that inspired the name, Pacitto Rosso.

    Uniqueness like this makes this natural stone one of the rarest. In other words, using this natural stone in your property will provide an aesthetic value that is difficult to measure.

    Eco Green Park understands that the perfect flooring concept is something that matches with the vicinity, shocking but doesn’t cross the line. Using Indonesia red marble floor tile makes this place looks like a real-world where the Tarzan live and we are the one that lost into the Jungle.

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    Lost In The Jungle, the Perfect Concept comes with Perfect Red Marble Floor Tile

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