• Marble Indonesia and Its Own Characteristics

    Marble Indonesia – Marble is one of the natural stones that has the highest position compared to other natural stones. Marble is also included in the type of stone that is often used to decorate modern construction such as hotels, resorts, or even private residences. One of the characteristics that makes marble considered the best stone is its very unique abstract pattern. In addition, the limestone metamorphosis process that takes millions of years makes marble have a very high economic value. People even think that the selling price of marble never decreases. That means, that using marble for your residence will make the property value increase rapidly.

    Many kinds of Indonesia Marble – Stone Depot

    Marble is a versatile type of stone that can be used for various parts of the house. One of its standout characteristics is its anti-scratch which keeps it sparkling clean even when used on floors. Its strong and heat-resistant character makes it can be used as a kitchen countertop. In modern or contemporary residences, kitchen countertops use white marble which makes the kitchen look more elegant. You don’t have to worry because apart from being scratch-resistant, marble is also stain-resistant so it doesn’t look shady. This ability makes marble worthy of having a higher selling value compared to other rock types.

    Top 3 Popular Marble Indonesia

    Indonesia is one of the best marble-producing countries in the world. Based on our records, there are at least 5 regions in Indonesia that produce marble with international quality and standards. It has attracted the attention of many natural stone lovers because of the huge production capacity of marble. In addition, there are several popular marbles in Indonesia, such as:

    1. Limestone Marble

    One of the most popular marble Indonesia in the international market is Limestone Marble. Rocks with a high content of lime concentrate create a natural white tone. The stone surface is also slightly rougher, making it suitable for pool tiling. Its ability is also very good to be exposed to temperature changes. In addition, Limestone Marble is also anti-moss and is not slippery when exposed to water. No wonder many people choose Limestone Marble as the main material for pool tiling.

    2. Statuary Marble

    Statuary Marble is easy to identify because it has a distinctive pattern of cracks. The dominant white tone makes Statuary Marble have an elegant and minimalist appearance. Statuary Marble is often used for various parts of the house such as floors, walls, or even decorations on pillars. Uniquely, Statuary Marble has several finishing options, such as polished, honed, or acid, where each type of finishing has different texture.

    3. Green Marble

    Marble has a good level of heat resistance so that this stone will not crumble even when heated at very high temperatures. Even the heating process on marble will create color changes and Green Marble is one of the modifications through a heating process at high temperatures. Abstract line patterns with dark green tone make Green Marble popular because it can give an exotic impression. It is also considered as one of the rarest Marble Indonesia.

    How to Purchase Indonesian Marble

    Indonesia Marble requires skillful techniques to cut and shape. It also takes comprehensive screening to select the high-quality stones only. Therefore, the price of finished marble tiles can be a bit expensive. But the advantages it has to offer make the stone worth to invest in. 

    Depending on your needs, the Indonesia Marble price may vary. For further information about this natural and luxurious stone, you can contact us through Whatsapp (Putri), or call us (+62 231 8802888).

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