• Pebbles Mosaic Project Guidelines

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    If you are searching for an outdoor project which is a little bit off the beaten path, pebbles mosaic will give your walkway, garden, or yard an unexpected and unique focal point. Although you only use very basic materials, you can build an exceptional design. You may just need stone dust to create the base, gravel, concrete mix, and flat pebbles. You can get the flat pebbles from a stone yard. Alternatively, you can order them online.


    For example, it will be a good idea to create a spiral-pattern mosaic using 2” or 3” polished stones. You can scale it up or down. It depends on the size of the site as well as the stones you choose. Anyway, you have to make sure that you lay the stones on the edge for added stability and strength.


    Project Timeline of Pebbles Mosaic


    Bali Mosaic Pebbles Stone


    Of course, it depends on your own project. If the project is more complex, it requires more numbers of days to complete it. So, we will give you an example.


    Day 1: Sort the pebbles & lay out the mosaic pattern.


    Day 2: Lay the base and set the stones. Then, let the concrete start to cure.


    Day 3: Grout the pebble stones into place.


    Step by Step to Make a Pebbles Mosaic


    If you have never made a project of pebble mosaic, you can do it by following these steps and guidelines:


    Sort the Stones


    To make a pebbles mosaic project, you have to spread out the stones. Don’t forget to rinse off grit & dirt first! After that, sort the stones with similar size and color into buckets or piles.


    Lay Out the Pebbles Mosaic


    Then, spread the sand to 3” deep in a scrap plywood sandbox or on a plastic tarp. Next, lay the stones in the sand in your desired pattern & shape.


    Prepare the Site


    The mosaic must sit level with or a bit higher than the surrounding ground. Therefore, the water cannot will not collect on the top. Take it into account when choosing the site for the project.


    Dampen the Mixture of Concrete


    Mist the concrete mix with a hose or garden sprayer until the texture becomes a crumbly, dirt-like consistency.


    Mark the Shape of the Mosaic


    Indeed, it depends on the shape of the mosaic you want to make. You can use a rope, nail, or any other tool needed. Keep in mind that a bag of concrete mix is enough for a 10 sq ft mosaic.


    Place the Center Stone


    You can begin in the center. Place the first stone on the edge of the hole. Then, pack concrete around the stone and hold it upright using your fingers.


    Lay Pebbles Alongside the Center Stone


    Then, you can continue laying the other pebbles alongside the center stone you have placed before.


    Fill in the Mosaic Pattern


    For a circle mosaic, you should work from the center outward. You also have to keep the height of the pebbles even while laying them.


    Spread the Topping Mix


    Then, scatter topping mix onto the pebbles. Use a paint brush for spreading the mix into the joints between pebbles.


    Shape the Mix


    Lastly, mist the topping mix until it is saturated fully. Then, let it absorb the water and leave it for about an hour. Shape the joints to your desire using a stiff-bristled brush.


    That’s how to make a simple pebbles mosaic. After following those steps, cover the mosaic using a plastic tarp and let it cure. Usually, full curing takes 2 weeks. It depends on the weather.


    You can send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or reach us at: (Putri), (Email). We will answer your questions and provide you with all the information that you need about the Pebbles Mosaic.

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