Glass Ceramic Mosaic

Glass MosaicGlass ceramic mosaic also known as Kuda Laut Ceramic is the ceramic for multi purpose uses such as swimming pool, bathroom  and kitchen. This ceramic is high quality ceramic in mesh with glass looks so if real the glass mosaic is expensive we can use this type of glass ceramic. Herewith some color and type of this glass ceramic mosaic.

  • Royal Blue (SQM 664 MB)
  • Royal Green (SQM 332S)
  • Turquoise Blue (SQM 344S)
  • Turquoise Green (SQM 331S)
  • Sea Blue (SQM 633MB)
  • Blue Cloudy (SQM 514SN)

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Glass Ceramic Mosaic (Kuda Laut Mass Ceramic)

What is the advantage of mosaic ceramic with glass ceramic mosaic look? First of all, we must realize that it is the matter of aesthetic. That type of ceramic should be suitable both for kitchen and pool as well. Therefore, those who want to build new pool or new kitchen should at least consider the ceramic as the first option. Mosaic ceramic has long been known as a type which is easy to clean, so it is very efficient in terms of economic. And here is the most important thing: the ceramic adds the sense of beauty when applied to either kitchen or pool. Plenty of hotels and restaurants have used mosaic ceramic for the purpose of beauty, pleasing the eye of guests and customers.

Some of you might be asking: what is characteristic of mosaic ceramic? First of all, the product of that type was made of glass and ceramic pieces, which then arranged to form a certain pattern using nets (that can be cut easily). Many have said that glass ceramic mosaic can help a room to have its own characteristic. There are a few advantages of mosaic ceramic, and they were including:

  1. Have an attractive appearance
  2. Come up with a variety of colors and shades
  3. Easy to cut

The existence of glass ceramic mosaic on the wall of the bathroom, for example, forms a dynamic atmosphere. The bathrooms appear simple with soft-pastel colors, ranging from blue, green, pink and barely different from the color of the walls and other ceramic floors. The flexibility of mosaic ceramic makes it easy to shape into anything. And thus, you can form any combination simply by using that. In general, mosaic ceramic has been widely used by many household, the people who want to set up different atmosphere both in the kitchen and at the pool.

Up until that point, it seems reasonable to choose mosaic ceramic as the first option. Comparing to the other type of ceramics, the one with mosaic style have made a distinction to which one can see big difference between exclusiveness and regularity. At this point, glass ceramic mosaic has its own exclusiveness. With mosaic look, one can feel the sense of old-fashioned way, which is not out of fashion but feels a bit like “vintage”. So when you are looking for ceramic that is pleasing to the eye, such a type with mosaic style should be the first thing to consider.

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