Green Sukabumi Stone

greensukabumistoneprodGreen Sukabumi Stone (known also as Pedra Hijau Verde) is a popular natural stone in the swimming pool tiles market in the world. This stone specially used for pool area as a pool tiles. Most luxury villas in the world such as Bali, Hawai, Phuket, Sanya, Haikou, Maldives, Rio De Jainero and other part of the world using Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde).

Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) is the one of world premium class of natural stone since its has very unique green color and this stone only can found in Indonesia.

Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) also can be used as a decorative stone outside the pool area for example Green Sukabumi Stone split face can be added in the small pool which is combine with the main pool. The green color makes the combination looks perfect as the green color describe a fresh nature of life who can bring more happiness.

Category:            QUARTZITE
Applications:       Pool tiles, wall cladding, water features
Unit:                   m2
Origin:                Indonesia
Usage:                 Exterior

Finishing Size (mm) Format
Sawn Cut & Honed 300x300x20, 200x400x20

100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10


Pool Tiles

Mosaic 300x300x10 with 20×20, 50×50 and 25×25 strips Mosaic
Split Face 100x100x30, 100x200x30, 150x150x30, 200x200x30, 200×400 Cut to Size

Green Sukabumi Stone (pedra hijau verde) also unique natural stone that has natural advantages as a natural purify agent for the pool water as inside this matterial has natural compound who can purify the water. Its named zeolite.

Herewith some substance which is contains in green sukabumi stone according the labolatory test:
SiO2    : 66.68%……………..Al2O3 : 12.26%
Fe2O3  : 1.81% …………….CaO : 4.25%
MgO     : 1.05% ……………..Na2O: 2.46%
K2O      : 2.66% …………….TiO2 : 0.19%
MnO2   : 0.06% …………….P2O5 : 0.06%
H2O      : 1.18%
pH        : 7.5
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)     : 138.40 meq %

Natural Density: 2,200 Kgs/M3
Water Absorbtion: 4.4%
Compressive Strength: 732 Kg/cm3

General Color Appearance of Green Sukabumi Stone

Basically the matterial of green sukabumi stone have 2 different color which is in the quarry they mixed in certain layer. Herewith the basic color based of green sukabumi stone :
1. Plain color based
2. Crystal color based

Two Basic Color of Green Sukabumi Stone

Two Basic Color of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde) is a natural stone which has variation in color. This variation makes this stone very unique and elegant. Herewith the color variarion of the green sukabumi stone in general both in dry and wet condition:

Green Sukabumi Stone Color Dry VS Wet

Green Sukabumi Stone Color Dry VS Wet

Can stone depot doing matterial selection on green sukabumi stone?
Yes we can, If customer looks do not like some color of green sukabumi and asking for special color we can do selection here. We will give you what color range is acceptable so that we will doing color selection based on the customer needs.

Is it possible for Green Sukabumi Stone installed in salt water pool ?

Yes. Green sukabumi is suitable both for salt water and plain water swimming pool

Is it possible to do dry joint installation for Green Sukabumi Stone?

No. Green Sukabumi Stone is not rectified tiles, its natural stone so that we recommended to lay green sukabumi stone with grout. Grout helps to protect tiles againts movement it also helps make the tiles easier to care for in wet areas.

How to solve problem in green sukabumi stone

Green sukabumi stone is volcanic stone which is containes chlorite mineral and formed by many iron nodules and layer so that makes this stone has many color variarion and some issue after instalation. There are two common issue which is appear on the green sukabumi stone such as:
1. Color changing
This problem caused by the iron that contains in the stone makes the stone oxidized. This kind of problem can be minimized by the matterial color selection during the production process
2. Crumble
Some matterial contains clay especially in crystal color based which leaches out in the sun and with water flowing over it and drying up again. To minimized this kind of problem by the matterial selection in the factory using the water test and sort the matterial that possibility to get crumble.