Black Lavastone also is known as Pedra Hitam preta is one of the most popular stones as its used as material for Borobudur Temple the world’s biggest Buddhist temple. This material also used as a material in another temple such as Prambanan, Mendut and so many temples in Indonesia. Black Lavastone has unique black color with small porosity, this makes black lava stone which also knows as Batu Candi become very popular.

When you used this black lava stone for pool tiles it can adsorb the hot during the daytime so when the night time the water inside the swimming pool becomes warm because this black lava stone released the hot temperature when the outside temperature is cold. Our customer Modern Db already apply this black lava stone for their swimming pool project in Austin, Texas, USA.

Besides unique and elegant, this stone also considers strong from the weather that’s why our ancestors use this stone for building the temple which already stands for a century without any natural damage.

FinishingSize (mm)Format
Sawn Cut & Honed100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10   300x300x20, 300x600x20, 400x600x20 Pool Tile   Tiles
Bush Hammered300x300x25, 300x600x25, 400x600x25Tiles
Split Face100x100x20, 100x200x20, 150x150x20, 200x200x20   300×600 Cut to Size   Mosaic Wall Cladding

Composition – The rapid cooling of lava flows forms Lavastone. The cooling occurs too quickly for minerals to form but it often has a chemical composition associated with surrounding rock, commonly vesicular basalts.

* Black Lavastone is a deep grey fused with jet black
* Grey Lavastone has fused shades of grey
* Red Lavastone is a rich maroon and brown
* Very hard volcanic glass
* Perforations caused by rapid cooling and gas escape
* Great durability*
* Natural non-slip character*
* Excellent heat noise isolation properties*
* Non fading, unlike concrete based paving*
* Strong resistance to environmental degradation*

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles 

Black Lavastone can be considered as the most natural kind of stone. Since this is natural, this kind of tile is great for flooring in any home carrying the natural beauty and texture of the stone. Black  Lavastone tiles are originally coming from Indonesia and the Indonesia lava stone tiles have been widely used in several different countries. Considering the beauty and the durability of the stone, this is no wonder that lava stone has been popular all over the world. So, what makes this natural stone tile popular? Why do people like using this natural stone tile in their homes? There are some reasons why.

One of the most interesting options of Indonesia lava stone tiles is the Black Lavastone (known also as Candi Stone or pedra hitam preta), which like its name; it has a naturally beautiful black color that can help you enhance any room decor. This kind of stone can be found only in Indonesia. So, this stone is originally coming from Indonesia and this carries the natural uniqueness of the natural stone. Not only the black lava stone is beautiful, but this is also beneficial. One of the benefits carried by this great, natural stone is the ability to purify water that can be good for purifying pool water. So; this stone can be used not only for home interior but also for a swimming pool.

Black Lavastone is not the only option of Indonesia lava stone tiles since there are still many other options of lava stones that you can find. Lavastone comes in several different colors, textures, and styles to choose from depending on your home decor. Think about what style you want to create before choosing the right black lava stone tiles to use. As a natural stone, black lava stone is durable and beautiful. This is good for several different purposes not only as flooring but also as building construction. However, certain types of lava stones might need hard maintenance, which means you need to well consider this.

The natural look of Indonesia lava stone tiles evokes the fresh beauty of natural stones to allow you to bring the outside inside. The natural and beautiful look of natural stone is calming and relaxing. You can bring such feeling in your home simply by installing lava stone as the flooring in your home. The textures and colors of the stone might be more appropriate for those living in a home decorated in rustic interior decor. You can easily pair the unique appearance of the natural stone with the amazing look of your home decor.

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Indonesia Lavastone Tiles – Product Review by Stone Depot

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