Indonesia is a country with huge deposit of natural stone especially marble because Indonesia has a lot of volcano. Indonesia marble stone is one of the most popular marble in the world as Indonesia has special elegant color such as creamy beige color, red color, and white color.

Stock Group Marble Unit M2
Usage    Internal Applications Indoor Flooring Tiles, Wall Cladding, Basin, Water Features, Pottery
Country Origin Indonesia Usage Exterior

Herewith the marble stone from Indonesia:
– Mega Red Java Marble
– White Crystalline Marble
– Royal Oyster Marble
– Java Cream Marble

Finishing Size (mm) Format
Honed, Acid, & Polished 300x300x20, 300x600x20, 500x600x20, 600x1200x20, 600×2000, 800×2000 Tiles
Mosaic 300x300x10 with 20×20, 50×50 and 25×25 strips Mosaic
Split Face 100x100x30, 100x200x30, 150x150x30, 200x200x30, 200×400 Cut to Size


Indonesia Marble Tiles Create Unique Accent to Home Floor

Flooring is one of home improvement projects that you can work with fun. There is a variety of choices to floor your house. Among of them, tiles are much popular. It is the more modern choice than the hardwood. This flooring type also requires great maintenance. It is durable and easy to clean. Instead of using the plain ceramic, you can choose Indonesia Marble Tiles. Its naturally beautiful and unique patterns can create special accent to your flooring. It is also possible to install the tiles to the walls and get the dramatic scene in the room.

Marble stone has been an icon of luxury on architectural purpose for ages. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals. The term of marble was given by geologists to refer the metamorphosed limestone. In architecture, marble stones are mostly used to construct buildings and sculptures. This sturdy material is also used to make tiles. You can find many types of it, depending on the location when it is discovered. Take for example the Indonesia Marble Tiles which also hide the exceptional beauty that has no others. Find the trusted supplier to get the best quality tiles.

More and more people love to bring marble tiles into their house to create the unique and elegant ambience. The exceptional beauty offers the easy and quick home improvement ideas. If you want it, you can install the tiles on the floors, walls and countertops. When you choose to use Indonesia Marble Tiles, beauty is not the only benefit to get. This type of flooring is durable, easy to maintain and also resistible towards stretch and heat. To clean up its surface, you can simply use detergent soap. The regular cleaning can result the long lasting shine and sparkle you will surely be proud for years.

Marbles require for skillful techniques to cut and shape. It also takes comprehensive screening to select the high quality stones only. Therefore, the price of finished marble tiles can be a bit expensive. But the advantages it has to offer make the stone worth to invest in. When you are also intended to buy Indonesia Marble Tiles, make sure to contact a reliable supplier. This country is blessed with the rich natural resources, including the volcanoes where top quality marble stones are discovered. Besides shopping for the ready-to-use tiles, you can also make special order for the size of tiles based on your needs.

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