Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding is made from various Indonesia natural stone such as marble, limestone, basalt and sandstone. Our factory is able to work based on your inquiry with special design of wall cladding and stone mosaic.


Installing bali natural stone wall cladding can give your exterior house design a better look since the appearance of the natural stone can blend to the surrounding area of your house. Not only for exterior, wall cladding is also good for interior walls. Whether you are installing the wall cladding inside or outside, there are some things you should put into account before installing the wall cladding to your home. Considering some important things will help you come up with the best wall cladding that is good for your home. This is because you have so many options to choose from and picking the best option is not an easy task.

Bali Natural stone wall cladding installed to your interior or exterior walls will not only enhance the appearance of your home decor, but also add more functions to the walls. The wall cladding might be able to improve the insulation of the walls and seal the walls to make it more durable and moisture resistant. Stone wall cladding is available in several different options to choose from such as manufactured and natural stone cladding. Many people prefer using manufactured cladding that comes in sheets to make the project easier and less expensive since the price of manufactured stone is cheaper than natural stone.

Natural stone that is used for wall cladding is usually well created to make the stone thin so that this is appropriate for the wall cladding. So, although this is made of natural stone, it is quite light in the weight since this is well made. You will not find any problem installing the wall cladding to your home because bali natural stone wall cladding is easy to handle. Another option as the alternative to the natural stone cladding is synthetic stone wall cladding, which is made of concrete in the look of shape resembling real stones. Both of them are actually great, so you can decide which one you will go with.

There is a range of colors to choose from when it comes to make a plan for your bali natural stone wall cladding project. The colors you choose depend on the style and designs of your house. You can use the wall cladding to create a certain design or style in your house. When choosing the right wall cladding especially from Bali Island, you might need to consider the maintenance of the wall cladding because you surely do not want to get busy finding a good way maintaining your wall cladding to make it still beautiful overtime.

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