• Grey Basalt Project – Alta Quartz Grey Basalt for Wall Cladding at Sierra Mas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Grey Basalt Stone

    All Photos Courtesy of Sierra Mas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The grey basalt Alta Quartz  is an epic material design that coated the wall texture on Sierra Mas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Exclusiveness seems like a main theme that the developer tries to represents from this kind of wall cladding design. The firm and solid impression from this andesite provides unique exterior design on each houses in Sierra Mas. Of course, it’s a nice exterior model for improving the house elegance with its nature nuance. Here are quick preview of how fabulous these houses with the andesite material on its wall cladding. Are you curious enough? Well, let’s continue scrolling down!

    Grey Basalt – Alta Quartz Grey Basalt

    Start from this contemporary house design in Sierra Mas, the cubic structure becomes the main frame of this house. It has modern impression with fresh exterior appearance. The beige color option on its wall becomes a perfect combination for the grey basalt Alta Quartz layering its texture. It looks like a nature house design wrapped in a modern architecture style. The andesite material has its comfortable impression with chic and cozy style on there. You can see that it gains amazing house design with solid texture like this. It must be interesting thing to have the same wall cladding type by using andesite texture like this.

    Grey Basalt StoneAttractive Alta Quartz Andesite with Awesome Appearance

    Move to the next house style, this one is also no less attractive with its large and compact size. It represents modern house architecture style with the good exterior setting. The grey basalt Alta Quartz provides warm exterior space in such elegant setting like this. As you can see, the different color saturation and brightness provides new accent on its house appearance. It also has stunning wall design with unique motifs on its texture. Applying the same color concept with the grey dominated color setting brings elegant house impression in such awesome setting. It can be an inspiring house style with firm texture like this.

    Grey Basalt – Good choice of natural stone

    What makes it more interesting about grey basalt Alta Quartz is about its monochromatic effect. It provides gray texture in such a firm impression. It can have different color option with the different shades. Of course, it brings monochromatic texture on the house exterior appearance with elegant setting. By using this color scheme, the house will get its minimalist exterior design. You can look at several examples of the houses in Sierra Mas. It looks elegant enough yet still not leaving the minimalist appearance on its texture. That’s why picking this kind of material can be a great setting for you.

    Alta Quartz Andesite Malaysia3These houses are attractive enough with compact and modern design. It has advanced appearance with the solid texture from the andesite material. You can grab these house designs as the new inspiration for you. The other benefits about having andesite coating for wall cladding is its ability to keep the cool air inside the house. That’s why it’s better for you to get the same material designs for creating awesome interior nuance. Continue scrolling for more inspiring house exterior designs. You also can make some comparison among different wall claddings. The grey basalt Alta Quartz is one of recommended material styles for your house.

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