• Bali Sandstone – Pros and Cons of Sandstone Tiles Bathroom

    Bali sandstone tiles bathroom have been used in many modern home interior designs today especially for updating and upgrading the look and function of bathrooms. Sandstone is an interesting option for bathroom flooring because of its pretty appearance. The multicolored tone of the tile creates a distinctive look in any bathroom style both for modern and traditional designs. Also, since this is a kind of natural tile that is taken directly from nature, not the one made in a manufacturer, bali sandstone has attracted many homeowners’ attentions.

    Bali Sandstone – Bali Sandstone Tiles


    Golden Palimo Sandstone

    Apart with its natural appearance and material, there are still some good and bad things that should be considered before choosing this tile for bathroom flooring.

    The Good and Bad Sides of Sandstone Tile Bathroom


    Indonesia Golden Yellow Sandstone Tiles in Bali Villa Sound of The Sea (Photo courtesy of Bali Villa Sound of The Sea)

    The most interesting thing about this tile is surely its natural element. Right from its appearance, you can sense and feel the natural element it has. The natural bali sandstone tiles bathroom multicolored tone of the surface can even help you to blur any stretches of using and stepping on the flooring daily. Not only this flooring is natural and beautiful, but it also has a great durability. Considering the tile is taken from mountains’ cores making it hard and dense, it can be used as bathroom flooring for many years to come. It might not be as powerful as granite, but it still provides a good durability towards heavy daily use.

    The natural element of sandstone indeed provides many benefits. The surface color and pattern is always different from one another in every slab. It is always one of a kind that one sandstone is different from another. It always has a unique pattern that cannot be even resembled by manufactured tiles. Bali Sandstone tiles bathroom has also a great texture that has been smoothed out before putting it on sale. The rough natural surface of sandstone has been well gauged making the surface is comfortable to step on. These are some good things about sandstone, which are still followed by some bad things about it.

    Bali Sandstone – Best Sandstone Tiles Bathroom

    One of the worst things about sandstone is the water absorption character. Tough sandstone is a kind of stone taken from mountains; it has an ability to absorb water up to 6 percent. Using sandstone as bathroom flooring is sometimes not appropriate because water can damage the surface slowly. With the water is absorbed, it will be easier for sandstone to grow mold and even containing bacteria inside. If it has to be placed in a bathroom, the area the sandstone installed shouldn’t be the one that will get the most water to protect the flooring from damage.

    While sandstone is finished before it is used as flooring to smoothen out the surface, the finish material of the flooring is sometime slippery. When it is used in a wet area like bathroom, becoming slippery is a very possible thing to happen. Also, the surface of sandstone is easier to get scratches compared to other stone materials. This is because sandstone is considered as a soft stone material, which makes it easier to get dents and scratches. These are some pros and cons of Bali  sandstone tiles bathroom that can be well considered before deciding to use the tile in your bathroom.

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    Bali Sandstone – Pros and Cons of Sandstone Tiles Bathroom

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