natural stone for bathroom

Natural Stone for Bathroom Brings Peaceful Feeling

When you wish to feel like relaxation at the bathroom, Natural stone for bathroom is perfect choice. Natural stone has the warm and peaceful appearance just like when we look to the nature and absorbed by the beauty. It is something that human could not replicate because nature is magnificent. Of course, there are tons of imitation products but we could always differentiate the fake from the real nature. The look and the feeling of natural stone have the ability to bring out relaxation to the eyes and to whole body. The bathroom will become a very important place more than just cleaning space.

Tips to Choose Natural Stone for Bathroom

Since bathroom is important place, we should carefully choose natural stone that suitable for installation in the bathroom. Hard and durable are required characteristic from the stone to be able withstand high humidity and hard wearing. Limestone, flagstone, slate, and lava stone are examples of Natural stone for bathroom. Smooth or coarse surface choice is depending on your preference. However, stone with smoother surface is commonly harder that could last longer time while coarse surface is indicating bigger pore that make the stone easily break. Smoother stone surface is better option for flooring while coarse stone will look good on the wall.

Natural stones come with wide range of color option. From white to black, natural stones also have the exotic color options such as pink, red, blue, and green. The choice of stone color is depending on personal preference and the expected image of the room. When the goal is creating peaceful space, something not provocative is better option of Natural stone for bathroom. The color should be not too dark and not too bright. Pale brown is the common option. To enhance watercolor, blue stone will make the bathroom peaceful yet more attractive. Combination of two or more colors is the next option to make the bathroom more appealing.

For bathroom, stone tile will make installation easier. Natural stone tiles are available in numerous sizes. It could be as small as 10 x 10 cm tiles to 60 x 60 cm tiles. However, the nature of the stone make availability of big size is low. Since it is difficult to produce large tiles, the price would be sky rocketing. If you do not have big budget, it would be nice if you stay away from large tiles. The common standard tile size of Natural stone for bathroom is 20 x 20 cm. You can also combine tiles in different size to create more alluring arrangement.

Bathroom is the place where we clean our body after long fight of the day. The water will flush out the accumulation of stress and bring back freshness to the body to be ready for what will come next. Because you need the effect of relaxation, it would be better if you can see and feel the stone first before you choose it for your bathroom. If you want to order online that mean you could not see and feel the stone directly, you need to see the example picture of bathroom using the stone. That way you know how to expect from Natural stone for bathroom.

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