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Natural Stone for Outdoor Livingthe Longevity of Comfort

Natural Stone for outdoor living is one of the best material options for the area. Similar with indoor living, comfort is main requirement of outdoor living. However, outdoor area receives more challenges from weather changes. Therefore, the best material for outdoor living is something strong to withstand weather challenges yet has the ability to bring long lasting comfort. Natural stone is perfect answer for that because the existence of the stone in the nature where it quarried is a proof of it strength to survive any weather for years. Unique characteristics of stone could make patio and outdoor living area look beautiful and comfortable for everyone.

Things to Understand from Natural Stone for Outdoor Living

All natural stones could be used in outdoor space but each stone comes with different characteristic that will influence the look, the feel, and durability. When choosing Natural Stone for outdoor living, you can believe your eyes for the beauty but you also need to consider whether the stone would be used for flooring, wall, paving, or other uses, so the result would be practical and could extend durability. Commonly, you need different stone for different part of the outdoor living area to ensure long life as well as create best look. Although you may choose the same stone, you commonly need different finish for flooring and wall.

For flooring or paving, hard and durable stone is required because the stone should have the strength to deal with traffic of people stepping on it. Flagstone, limestone, and granite are the common choice. Sandstone is also option but it not as durable as those 3 mentioned before. Natural stone tile with smooth surface is what you needed for evenly paving and comfortable for feet. For the wall, you can get more options of Natural Stone for outdoor living because the wall should not deal with traffic. Stone with uneven surface is also an option for different look. Commonly, natural stone for wall setting use smaller tile size for easier installation.

Honed finish is preferable for flooring, paving, and decking because it less slippery with natural mate surface. Polished finish is not recommended for outdoor living because the shiny surface will easily wipe-off by the weather. Natural Stone for outdoor living could be set as concrete base using mortar to increase strength and unsure the stone will stay still. Concrete base natural stone is low maintenance. Dry setting with compacted stone base is another option for paving but due to traffic, the setting may change over time that makes maintenance become more complicated. You may need re-setting and replacement of the broken stone.

Natural stone is durable yet hard to install and harder to remodel. For that reason, you must very careful when choosing natural stone for your outdoor area because once you install it; it would cost fortune to replace it. If money is not a problem for you, the time needed for replacement is long enough that may disturb your daily life. Pay attention to physical and chemical characteristic of the stone so you can choose one that suit you need. If you do not have knowledge about natural stone, it is very important to consult with expert about the right choice of Natural Stone for outdoor living that you need.

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