Swimming Pool

Stone depot have some special natural stone for swimming pool tiles such as:

  1. Green Sukabumi Stone
  2. Black Lavastone
  3. Ocean Wave Stone

Natural Stone for Swimming Pool the Exotic Selections

Natural stone for swimming pool is the exotic choice for giving natural trace on the area. The nature has a unique and warm way to touch human heart. Although we are living in the metropolitan city where concrete is everywhere, we always yearning to enjoy even just a bit of nature around us. Therefore, natural stone is used widely in constructions, including for swimming pool. Whether to be used at residential house or commercial building such as hotel or spa, natural stone will make the pool look gorgeous and exquisite. It is something that will add value to the valuable structure.

Options of Natural Stone for Swimming Pool

Numerous types of natural stones are used in construction but not all natural stones are suitable for swimming pool, especially inside the pool. Due to the presence of water, pool chemicals, weather change, and wear, the choice of Natural stone for swimming pool should be the one that hard and durable. After the strength, the next consideration is the look of the stone that will draw the beauty of the pool. Below are examples of several natural stones that suitable for inside swimming pool. Most of them are quarried from South East Asia, where exotic nature is sometime they proud about.

Swimming pool is about water and water is commonly referred as sparkling blue. To create such beautiful blue water look, two blue stones could be chosen. First is ocean wave stone. The exquisite blue color of the stone will bring the ocean look on the pool. The next option of Natural stone for swimming pool is Green Sukabumi. This volcanic stone from Indonesia has blue-green color that will remind us of the beautiful mountain water. Green Sukabumi may have brown discoloration. At a glance, it looks like a down side but some people think that this is the actual charm of natural stone.

When you are not in the blue color, the other option could be black lava stone. Just like the name, the stone is volcanic with incredible hardness and the color is black with sophisticated look. When black is too dark, the stone is also available in grey color. If you not satisfied with Natural stone for swimming pool mentioned before, or you need something more eye catching, you can consider glass mosaic ceramic. Mosaic is a piece of art that could tell story about the pool, the building, or even the owner. When you choose to go with mosaic, be sure you give the job to professional artist for best result.

Quality of natural stone is no kidding. They are formed very slowly by nature. Not days, but years, even hundreds of years required to form high quality natural stone. Therefore, people are willing to pay generous amount of money to get the luxury for their swimming pool. Natural stone could turn their swimming pool into stunning artificial lake that look like a real one you see in the travel postcard. When you dream about swimming at the enchanted South East Asia lakes but you do not have time to go there, bring the lake to your home with Natural stone for swimming pool.

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